Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Little Darlin'.

 There's just no experience like a few days in the hospital surrounded by friends and family, a beautiful baby by your side and the feeling of a thousand beautiful emotions flooding your heart.

We met our daughter Wednesday, December 26th at 2:34pm, weighing 5lbs 10oz
She's an angel and we are overwhelmed with happiness. The feeling I found when Brady was born has returned, where the little things begin to take more importance, the support of family and friends will bring you to tears, and again, I've realized I'm surrounded by everything I've ever wanted. Things my dreams couldn't imagine- only plans that have unfolded from the good Lord. Plans that remind me that I'm exactly where He wants me. And that couldn't be more exciting!

Marcy's delivery couldn't have been any easier- it's been two days since my c-section and with the help of medicine, I'm only mildly sore. I want to hug every nurse we've seen. St. Francis in every single way, with both my children's deliveries has been wonderful! I keep reminding our lactation nurse Danielle (she's amazing too!) that it's quite alright if she came home with us tomorrow...I just love being here! 

 Right now, Brian has Marcy changed, fed, clothed and swaddled on his chest. He is in every way in love with our little beauty. He went shopping for her today because newborn clothes are way too big on her! He came back to the hospital with warm preemie onesies and swaddle wraps. Everything he bought is pink and her skin just glows from all of it! That's one sweet daddy. 

  Brady loves to come visit "Mondie" and kiss her head and cheek. And then act like an animal. I must remember, this is not going to be an easy adjustment for an 2 year old, only child. He has pushed every button on this hospital bed & he's made friends with each nurse. I can't believe how much bigger he seems now that he's standing beside our now 5lb 4oz little darlin'.

 I'm remembering those sleepless nights and reliving that -it's all you can do to keep your eyes open and uncrossed- feeling. My feet and ankles are so swollen. And call me crazy, but if we could back up and do this all over again, I would in a second! While I'm fighting to stay awake, I am proud to say- pink may become a color I love and I'm really enjoying this feminine world we've stepped in!

She's the most beautiful little lady I've ever laid eyes on. 

We're headed home tomorrow, and I'll be keeping you posted on life in the month at home with a newborn and toddler. And pictures. Lots of pictures.

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  1. so many more sweet memories to make and I couldn't be more proud of you...hugs and kisses


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