Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Zoo.

His first trip to the Zoo.

         In six more days, my Brady Jameson will be 8 months old. As I somehow express in every post, time flies. With the way time is zooming past us, why not start the adventures early?! Today, he was more interested in his knitted lion we bought from the zoo shop than this beautiful animal you see up here! So, after our trip was over, I decided today may have been a little field trip more for me than Brady. Either way, I was totally intrigued by these amazing creatures. Have a look!  

Yes, we were this close to the Orangutan and yes, I was this close to a heart attack.

Brady and his new lion. 
He was so content outside. 
The screaming monkeys didn't suit him though. 
Maybe next time. ;)
Happy Adventures.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

My heart.

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings."

    Last week, while I was running around our house, picking up this, and putting away that, Brady was watching cartoons, and before I knew what hit me, it happened. I was shocked. He repeated a word from television. I mean, it was a simple word, it was precious to hear, and it scared me to death. The pressure's on. 
    Going through everyday life with the people we surround ourselves with, the places we spend our time and the things that we do, all have an incredible effect on children. I've had my own for almost 8 months, and I've learned more than I thought possible. And still learning, every minute. 
    These are the days he's learning the most, he's growing so quickly, and soaking up each and every thing around him. And I have no choice but to be so careful what this precious baby senses. That's my job as a mother. Having conversations around Brady I even catch myself at times with negative tones, or the very worst... yes, we all talk ABOUT others. Good, bad, both. Small statements, quick remarks...this is the very last thing I'd ever want Brady to catch on to. I believe it's my job as a parent to teach Brady to love everyone. Accept everyone. Not to judge. That's a position that no one is entitled to, yet we all claim it. He's more than precious to us, and I want nothing but memories of happiness and positive nourishment to help this little boy grow. I want him to have an open mind to the world, but to be confident and grounded. That's a task for each moment I'm with him. God wouldn't have blessed us with him without first giving us the knowledge to bring him up the in the best way we know how. Everyday, we make choices. Each choice leads us closer to, or farther from the things we want most in life. Trying to stay on track with the chaos that swirls around us. 
   There are things we have the control to change ourselves. God blessed me with a wonderful husband, and he's an incredible father to Brady Jameson. I'm doing what I can to use what God gave me. The insight, the dreams, and this amazing little boy who deserves nothing but the very best that life has to offer. We're learning as we go. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My first favorite boy.

       In four years, incredible things can happen in your life. Since I was sixteen years old, I've loved my husband. Fell in love with him as soon as I met him, and here we are today. I remember exactly what he was wearing, where we were and who we were with. I remember how tall he seemed and how handsome he was. I remember thinking...there's no way I'd be so lucky. Sixteen. 
       We spent so much time together. We went to different schools, but definitely kept in touch. This was before texting, facebook, and all that would've probably gotten us in trouble. I remember the first time I met his family. I remember how nice and welcoming they were. And I remember praying that it all wouldn't disappear. 
     We were two completely different people. Still are. And I love him so much. He makes me laugh. He makes me proud. He's honest, forgiving, more than I could ever dream of for a father to my child. He's an answer to my prayers. He protects us, provides for us, and encourages us. He's the most giving person I've ever met. And I'm married to this man. 
    Days go by with the wild ways schedules rule us, and I find myself forgetting that this is the one person who makes my life so happy. He makes our son's life so happy. And that's more than anyone could ask for. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breakfast & Paint Swatches

"Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."

      Today, like every Tuesday and Thursday was my day "off". I was SO excited to be spending it with Ellie, too, because this meant we had time to catch up. She's got her own busy life an hour and a half away, so it made us happy to spend time with her! AND all the help she offered with Brady! We went to breakfast together (I ordered the healthiest they had to offer...trying.) and she had the morning we drove over to pick out paint swatches for Brady's new room & our new office. After realizing I brought home about 13 paint swatches, I finally picked the perfect color. Just one. I had the other chosen but Brian didn't agree so much. And wouldn't you know, the one I loved the most was called "Grandma's Linen". Old soul. Homebody. And a paint color to match. Anyway, it's beautiful. It's a muted green/gray, it's perfect! As for Brady's room, decisions will come later.
     So, we ran errands while Ellie helped out so much with Brady. To return the favor, I let her crash on my sofa while watching cartoons. Definitely her thing. She napped, Brady napped, the dogs napped. I was wide awake, and felt like superwoman today (with no headache!). What a wonderful feeling to check off to-do's and not have to look at that list. Until tomorrow. Regardless of how busy my days off are, I accomplished lots, and I feel pretty good about it. 
    I missed the Wine Tasting with Angela tonight, which I'm a little bummed about. We have our quirky little things we like to do together! I've got baby showers, a HUGE wedding party I'm working with and fall is seriously around the corner. I'm more than thrilled to deck out in scarves everyday, and dwell in my fall state of mind. More than anything, I'm excited to spend it with Brady J & Brian, outside. I'm in love with the fresh, crisp air in the late months of the year... better not get ahead of myself.
     As for now, Brady fell into a deep sleep early, we missed our evening ride around the neighborhood together (he loves it!) and I still have to make it to the store for 1. Formula and 2. Coffee Creamer. Skinny of course. Very thankful for a happy, and safe day with my sister! 

My next big thing: Digging my way through boxes to find my old jeans in the attic. ALL of them. I'm determined. 


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Smell the roses.

          The past week, without looking to see for a fact, I would bet money that a full moon is present. Everyone has been on edge, seems like schedules were thrown out the window and chaos is taking over our lives. I've had this weird migraine/tension headache/mommy's become a monster type pain that I've never experienced before. I'd rather be going through labor pain again if that says anything. I've missed drinks with the girls tonight, which I'm sad about but I need a break tremendously. I was able to have a fun morning out shopping with a friend though, and that's enough to be thankful for! I learned that becoming a mom, I just can't justify spending more money necessary for clothes to hang in my closet. That's my next venture. Will explain later.
     For most people, a vacation is a break from thought, and the craziness of everyday. No agenda, no clock, only time to sit and chill. For me, every single day of my life is crazy! Going to work is a mini-vacation. I schedule appointments with extra time in between clients to pick up, set up, grab lunch, return phone calls...blah blah....but every single minute is planned. THAT, my friends, is how I function best. I'm not the best judge whether that's healthy or not, but it's so true. Being at home tonight with Brian, Brady J, and the pups, I didn't realize how good this is for me. I feel like I'm always missing out on our special time together as a family because there's not a night that goes by without a house full of people. (A tad dramatic)  I LOVE company, but I also love my family being together alone, too.
     So, with my mission to gather schedules and our lists to tackle, I feel like it's long overdue getting our little family back on track! Fall is around the corner, football games, weddings, OCTOBER, and before we know it, we'll have one week until Christmas and not one gift wrapped. Or even purchased, for that matter. Deep breath.

     In two quick months, we have a vacation planned that I'm dreaming about. In October of 2007, we flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for our honeymoon. We rode horses on the beach at sunset, we watched the sun set on a dinner cruise, we partied of course in Cabo Wabo, we visited the same bar everyday for the best fajitas on earth. We shopped, played golf.... And in October, we'll be going back! This time, with friends!! Brian will have Kevin to play golf with all day, and I'll have Allison to shop with and have spa days. Oh my goodness. So, here's to our second honeymoon. Time to ourselves, to catch up and be together for an entire week! Para enamorarse de nuevo. 
   Have yourselves a relaxing, good-for-you kind of weekend. Life may be crazy, but there's always tomorrow. Do something special :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just how much can we balance?

         Making a pot of coffee did me well this morning. I never make coffee. I pulled the coffee maker out of the closet this past weekend, it's been hiding since last winter. I've had a million things on my mind. Trying to balance everything that's new on our calendar with my to-do's for today. Returning phone calls to clients, making sure Brady has my full attention for the day, keeping the house clean, and being organized for everything ahead. Coming up, we have a painter coming in to paint two rooms in our house. We hired someone because- 1. I'm terrible at trim work, I'll be the first to admit it. And 2. It'll be done (correctly) by next week. The man cave is GONE (HALLELUJAH!) and Brady is soon moving in that room. Reason being that the huge windows in Brady's room now keep his room like a sauna in the summer & freezer in the winter...And Brady's current room will become the new home office. With a printer. We haven't had a printer in, well, we've always had a printer, but it's never been connected to the computer. I've never even bought ink. So, that's exciting news. I have no clue what colors to paint the office, or Brady's room. (Curtain panels are already chosen though!) I'm on the lookout for a desk, too. We have to have the paint colors chosen by this weekend. I'm sure I'll end up choosing the ever so classic neutral for each room, I just know it.
         Earlier, in a quick phone conversation with my husband, he brought up the option of adopting another dog! Or fostering, I should say. We've never done this, but I believe it would give Diesel a new friend! And Lilly... if she's in a good mood that day. So that's that. We'll see how this goes when we learn a little more about the process. 
         And then we're in the process of selling my car. I love my car so much, BUT, it's time for another, for something with less miles, and something more low maintenance I guess...(this is my husband's decision..) he thinks it's time for something different, and if he thinks it's a good idea, and I'm getting something new (to me!) then why not?! I love change. 
        But really, right now, all I want is to start dinner, in my bare feet, listening to Brady say "Baaabababa" (his new word of the week). I'm not sure what this means to him, but I love to hear it. I hear him waking up now... it's Brady time! As each day is passing, I think I'm getting a little more used to this balancing act that being a mother is...or trying my very hardest. 

In the meantime, check out a few little ensembles I've thrown together for fun!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The girl of the bunch.

Being the one and only female in the world of wild boys. 

     In 2007, when we were married, I knew for sure my world would change. I've always been a girly girl, loved my shiny jewelry, makeup and HIGH heels, loved my pretty little home filled with beautiful things. My space, all to myself. I liked things my way, on my schedule, on my watch. What girl doesn't?
   Then I was married and realized married couples came in two kinds. The kind where the man calls the shots, and the kind where the woman does. Because sometimes, things are just easier when you're along for the ride. Of course, without writing a book, I'll say that the first year, or even to the fourth, is a learning experience. I can honestly say we've both realized we're here to make the other happy, and in my opinion, that's the least selfish, most successful approach to a marriage. It's difficult, most definitely. 
   And then, come the small things. Decorating a house, for example. 
When Brian wants this...

And I want this...

  No complaints my way, I'm proud to have a man with an opinion. It's ALL about merging the two. Being thankful that he's listening at all to my opinion, dreams, and yes, complaints from time to time. But as I've let him do his thing... I've started to realize that my own house has even become masculine. From flat screens, to hats laying here and there, golf on Sundays, and a garage full of guys most nights. Mugs in the freezer, and ESPN on television. I get the remote to myself maybe once a month, and when I do take bubble baths, I'm hearing the guys laughing from outside. And if you haven't noticed, I have a baby boy. I wouldn't change this for anything in the entire world. It's all about finding the balance and I haven't quite yet. Brian has never been against me shopping or dinner with the girls. He's always supported my rare Friday afternoon massages & the idea of taking Saturdays away from work, for a break. He really is a wonderful husband. So, with all this out, and nearly seven months behind us, I'm here with a very handsome husband with his own hobbies, friends and ideas, precious baby boy surrounded by dumptrucks, baseballs, and toys like tools...and then there's me. The mom, the girly girl, the one who feels like for sure down the road she'll have another baby boy. So I'm preserving my soft side, my lovely and enchanting little world I live in, apart from these wild and crazy boys. Say a prayer, will ya? 

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