Tuesday, June 28, 2011

-A Must-

Use it, or lose it.

   This morning was the second morning I was up at 5:30 to be at the gym by 6 a.m. I honestly thought the sun didn't rise before 7. It does, and it's beautiful! The sky is a mixture of pale colors brightening at the first sign of the sun. Being outside this early also smells so fresh and the temperature is just perfect... probably since highschool, I haven't had a reason to be up before the sun was bright in the sky. Ever since I've set my own schedule, no one seems to want their hair styled early in the morning, and that was fine by me. 
   I've joined the gym on a whim because it's time that I take action to keep myself in some kind of shape. Especially if I'm not giving up all my favorite foods. I can't. That's miserable to me, I love food way too much. Chocolate, chips, dip, milkshakes & more chocolate. Mexican food, Italian food, pizza, oh and more chocolate. It's just not in me to let it go. I'd be a sad little lady. 
   Being that this is only day two, I'm not getting ahead of myself, but I really look forward to going to classes and doing this for myself! Anyone would feel better being a little more fit. This morning I walked 2 1/2 miles, definitely didn't push myself like I should have, but I caught up in my book in the meantime. Multitasking at the gym. I've looked at class schedules, thinking they were only available in the evenings and to my surprise, they start at 5 a.m sharp. I am so excited!!! Yoga, Body Sculpt, and (possibly..) Zumba... here I come! Trying to talk mom into joining with me!
    On the way home, of course what do I think about? Food. I stop by the grocery store, at 7 a.m. (which by the way is THE time to shop with only four cars in the parking lot) and picked up our new favorite snack, introduced to us by Angela. Thanks a lot, Angie..
    Today has passed by so quickly, Brady is has been napping for an hour. This baby is growing so fast, it's unbelievable. He was in his walker this morning, flying through the house. It's amazing to me how he can maneuver himself around corners at 6 months. Next thing I know, he's stuck himself in the corner, next to the window and wrapped the curtains around himself. I love this little guy! 
   So, while Brian & Brady sleep soundly in the morning, I'll be wide awake, leaving the house about 5:15, with my car stereo blasting (apology to the neighbors, but this is the only option to keep me awake) and headed for the gym. Can't complain about your body unless you do something about it, huh?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

This Sunday.

     Usually, Sunday mornings I try to sleep in as long as possible until I hear a little one ready for his breakfast. And even after he eats, he'll go right back to sleep, sometimes even for a couple hours. This morning I was wide awake at 5 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. So, it's been a different kind of Sunday for me! (I tip-toed in to see Brady sleeping, and he was asleep on his tummy! He finally rolled over!)
   This weekend has been yet another insane, running here-to-there and back kind of weekend. I worked yesterday morning (my last Saturday working for a while!) and ran to grab Brian his every Saturday lunch, came home to see the boys for a bit, was REALLY hoping for an afternoon nap with Brady, but before I knew it, it was time to get ready for a wedding! I absolutely can't wait until I have a Saturday at the lake, the beach, the pool, or even sitting at home. That would be fine by me.
     Brian is out playing golf, and I'm pondering the thought of joining the gym. I think I might. I need to. Most women (all women) go through the "I hate my body" phase, and it's no so much that, I just hate not being fit. I've been in great shape before and I know how good it feels! I wish I was there again, and there's only one way to fix that... looks like my venture for the week.
   Looking at my agenda for the next week, I have a couple very busy work days, and my favorite (not so much) is my cleaning day! A whole day to do nothing but laundry, scrub toilets, dust, and mop floors. Now who wouldn't look forward to that? Well, whether I do or not, it's marked on my schedule. In ink.
   I'm counting down to the beach! I hear Ocean Lakes is a madhouse near the 4th of July, and I'm ready to be right in the middle of the chaos. Most the time, I need my unwinding time to be quiet, slow, peaceful, to get rest. And other times, I like to be in the middle of it all, loud, fun and crazy. I'm not the most reserved person, so I'm looking very forward to the change of scenery. And living in a camper for a week!!!
    I guess I better start closing this post up...I certainly wouldn't want to make you jealous of my plans for the week. Scrubbing toilets and hopes to walk on a treadmill. Hopefully you all are enjoying your weekend and looking forward to your agendas for the week, too! I hear a little voice waking up...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prince Charming.

Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention.

He loves watching the washer and dryer at work.

He loves bathtime.

A man of many faces.

I've never been happier.
He's hilarious, he's crazy, he's my entire world. 
He's growing too fast, but becoming more fun with every new day.
I'm falling more in love with him every minute!
Charming little Brady J. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Day For Celebrating Dad.

"You know, fathers just have a way of putting everything together."

    As tomorrow is another Sunday, it's also a very special day to celebrate our fathers. Our husbands as fathers and any man who we've known to work hard, show patience, and protect their families. Where do I even begin to celebrate the wonderful father my sweet husband has grown to be over the past five months? Words can't explain how proud and grateful I am to have our little Brady look up to Brian as his father. Brady has his dads smile. The kind of smile so big that his eyes almost close. The smile that will completely melt your heart. He's got his hands. Brian works so hard at work, home and even playing golf with those hands! I look so forward to see Brady grow up, day by day, learning from Brian. Brian is hilarious, he's gentle, he's smart, he's everything I could imagine in a husband and even more importantly, as the father to my precious little boy. Counting my blessings. 
    As for my own father, well, I AM my father. We think the same with our type A personalities completely. We both love being home. We both love people, but we both love our quiet time. Being the same kind of personality, we're both also aware that living the "type A" life, we have our faults, most definitely. But, we learn, we talk, and at the end of the day, I'm proud to call him my dad. 
   I know so many wonderful fathers, and I'm proud to know each and every one of them! Looking forward to tomorrow, to celebrate their day. A day we should be celebrating more often, because they deserve it. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

-Quiet Time-

   I'm halfway through a book now called The Great Indoors. It's about a lady who owns her own antique shop. She's lost the love of her life, by choice, and is searching to find him again. She has sisters who drive her mad, as she'll compare them to the type of lamps she's grown to know so well over the years. She compares the people in her life to the antiques that have become her life. She's a very neat and organized person, living by herself with no children... because they would only come between herself and the beautiful things she owns...
   Being in a family where there are five independently owned businesses...I could understand the headache of owning your own shop. I've only been around antiques some, I'm not really familiar with different countries, centuries and all the background in between. I do appreciate antiques though, wishing I had more in our home. This definitely isn't our last house, so I believe I'll have opportunities to acquaint myself with them again!
   With Brady taking his morning nap and me getting most things in the house clean and tidy, I was able to lay on the sofa with Lilly and read a chapter this morning. So nice. I realized everyone has their own way of unwinding. I've only recently discovered how relaxing it can be to read. So now that I know how much better I function getting in bed early, I'm in bed by 10:00 usually and reading away. That's -me time-.
   Whenever I can get away with not having cartoons on tv, too, I'm usually listening to Jazz. My mom tortured me with it, and I intend to do the same to Brady! The house is so much more serene & collected when I hear jazz, smell my candles, and just breathe. It doesn't matter how happy I am to watch Tom & Jerry on Saturday mornings with Brady, it's always a relief to flip to the music channel and leave those annoying cartoons behind. For my sanity, I'm going to have my own room in my next house. (..wishes.) AND my own key. If there's reason to have a "man cave", there's more reason to have my own room. I'll fight to the end. I'll have my books, my candles and my music :) Or maybe I'll have to do this all on our next porch, because we all know I can't live without that either. (Which I plan on looking identical to the masterpiece at the top of this page.) Books, books, books. My way of unwinding, my quiet time.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Place

    Our front porch takes in the warm morning sun. It cools down (a bit) with the afternoon shade, and at night, it's the perfect place for the two of us to catch up while the little one dreams away. I'm here as much as I can be. When we discovered this house for sale, I remember walking onto the porch and thinking this is a big space to fill, as if it might be a chore. I never knew it'd be my favorite place to be given any time of day. Brady loves to look at the plants and watch the cars pass by! Lilly has HER chair, which is the one on the right and Diesel sprawls out across the rug, guarding. Brady will take naps in my arms, and it's been too long since our last "wine night" with the girls here. If I made a list of my favorite things, besides keeping chocolate in the house, I'm sure this would make the top of the list.
    This morning, Brady took his morning bottle and drifted right back to sleep for another hour and a half. I was already out of bed so I thought it was best to keep moving! I've had breakfast with Lilly outside and I've gotten a lot of little chores finished already, which makes for a great start to the day. I haven't had a relaxed morning like this in a while, so I'm doing as much as I can, making the most of it! Hope you all have a relaxed morning and sometime today, get to enjoy time in your favorite place too!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

     Must say, I am a little in love with Brady J. A lot, actually. He makes everyday so much happier and I truly cannot imagine life without my sunshine. That goes for two boys. It'll hit me a few times throughout the day how I have the life I didn't know I always wanted. I really didn't know what I wanted. Whether that be because I'm a female and my mind will never be made or I truly didn't have a certain direction I was aiming for. How empty my life would be if I had chosen any other path. I am beyond grateful for each wonderful moment the day brings. Seeing Brady smile so big his eyes almost close or seeing him covered in his lunch...I never knew a baby could bring so much joy and change your life completely for the better, in every way. My sweet boys, I just couldn't make it without them. Before marriage, I would dream of living in a big city, having a cozy little place all to myself, filled with my favorite things...all for me. (Of course a gigantic closet filled with beautiful clothes and a bathroom with my clawfoot tub...) But I do know that pretty things can't bring you that perfect life of your dreams... which brings me to the book I just finished. Recommended by a friend from school, it's called Same Kind of Different as Me. It in every way will make you appreciate people if nothing else. Relationships that we each have and take for granted. It explains friendships, family, and how God can work mysteriously through people. It will open your eyes to  the life you have now and open your heart to friendships and love. I learned how life can bring opportunities to change the lives of others. It's truly an amazing book.
      Before Brady was born, my last trimester, I took on a hobby of reading like there was no tomorrow. I was at the library all the time. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of reading...on the front porch of course. Yesterday, I drove to the library after work and picked two new books to read. That kind of thing makes me smile! Every night, as I'm working on getting in bed a little earlier, I'll read while Brian watches the telly. I've recorded quite a few shows I would love to catch up on, but right now, I'm enjoying my books a tad more. Pretty good hobby I'd say...doesn't cost a penny.
      Brian and I went out to dinner by ourselves last night. It was QUIET. It was so nice to be with just him though, I don't know the last time it was just the two of us. Everytime someone offers to keep Brady, we've headed out with friends. It was nice :) Hopefully soon, we can have another date night. Just the two of us. Last night, was wine, steak & a sweet waitress. Between Brian and myself, we didn't have much to say. I think we'll have to practice the date night routine more often because our conversations now are "when will you be home?", "do you mind picking up dinner?" and "Laundry needs to be done, I have nothing to wear." We need something a little more personal, I'd say. Either way, talks about laundry or plans for a resort vacation, I love my husband more and more everyday. I'm so proud that he adores Brady. He says all the time (although I know he doesn't want to rush things...) how he can't wait until Brady can play with him. It won't be long until I'm entirely consumed in baseball, I just know it.

     Wrapping this all up, my last week has been a blur as always, hilarious introducing Brady to real food, and I've learned quite a few things to keep with me through these wonderful books. I've been around smiling brides, and had good long talk with a very missed sister. All in all, this past week is yet another to be thankful for.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy"

    Taking a little break from my everyday chores and to-do's I do believe helped clear my mind tremendously. Of course, you're left with more clutter around the house and the constant reminder of how much you really have to accomplish all in the back of your mind. I'm not sure if it's a "mom" thing, or I'm just a little obsessive of getting everything done, but thanks to Heather, she's willing to help out on planning our day at the spa together :) Oh, how I could cry just thinking of it...can't wait!
     Since I've blogged last, we've definitely slowed our routine down a bit. I'm so proud of us for spending the day at home Saturday, in pj's, playing with baby and just enjoying being home. I love home. Friday night was Angela's birthday dinner, and I knew it'd be a fun night, but, I didn't know just how much fun ;) We were reunited with old friends and everyone was having such a great time together over drinks and some amazing sushi. (Thanks to Kayla who took VERY good care of our table!) After eating the most delicious vanilla cake with fresh strawberries, (which really isn't my thing, but it became a favorite Friday night) we all took a stroll over to a little place and had a few more drinks together. I didn't realize just how bad I needed a night out like this! It was wonderful to catch up with friends, reunite with old friends, AND make new friends. Perfect night. I hope Angela had a happy birthday dinner!

 Last night was another night bartending at the Loom! The second time I've done this, and I enjoyed it even more than the first! I don't know anyone who doesn't love to people watch...and when it comes to drinks, you learn more about them than they think ;) I love it.
    Brian is out playing golf, but should be home anytime... I'm not sure why golf is a fun sport, or why he'd ever want to play in this awful heat, but hey, I enjoy having a mask on my face and reading a book...he wouldn't understand that either.
   ...We're getting just a teeny bit closer to that vacation! The beach, the beach the beach. I wake up every morning wishing I could just throw on a swimsuit, (not really, I have a hate-hate relationship with swimsuits) grab Brian & Brady and zoom on down to the beach. We have the option to take the condo or the camper when it comes vacation time, and this girl wants the camper! It's small, cozy and perfect next to the beach. No one cares about anything, drinks are always cold & friends are never far! (Oh, and ice cream is around the corner & for Brian...the arcade)
   I'm so happy it's summertime! We've got plans to cook out with Ashley & Russell this week, and I'm planning a trip to Columbia to see Ellie soon. I miss her so much I cant stand it. She's so busy and she needs a break! Always busy!! Tonight we're going out for Mexican... and I am HAPPY! (Maybe I should start another blog about food.) We're having dinner with family, which is a perfect way to end this wonderful weekend and start a brand new week. This week I plan to read more, I'm learning so much from this book. I'm getting to bed at a decent time, rather than by midnight, and counting my blessings for my wonderful loving friends, amazing family, and my two favorite boys who make my world so happy. Hope you folks have a great start to your week!

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