Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday in the Garden.

     On a beautiful Saturday, being with a boy who loves to play outside, there was no better time than to take advantage of spring in the south. The sun was shining, we brought lunch, found a picnic table, and a sweet little garden hidden in Linky Stone Park in downtown Greenville. This is the Children's Garden full of color and stories, and and the opportunity for kids to enjoy their experience outdoors! Brady was here, there and everywhere around the garden. Mom and I enjoyed our morning too, but hardly found time away from chasing this curious child! This was our fun on this sunny Saturday morning. Soon enough, we'll be packing for another adventure guaranteed to be outside where his heart is happy! We are so thankful for the warm sunshine and beautiful atmosphere Greenville has created! Since Spring began this week, everything seems to be a little brighter. We're growing closer and closer to having a comfortable backyard for Brady J to go crazy in, because Brian is hard at work! I have a feeling summer will be here much sooner than we think...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rainy Day Love.

   I've always loved rainy days, really because they seem to make everything cozier. Today was an extra special rainy day because it was Brady's first time outside IN the rain. I've come to realize that no matter the temperature, precipitation, or has no effect on his love for the outdoors. A mother couldn't be more proud!!! I have so many adventures in mind for Brady to experience. My memories of camping trips, hikes, and days spent by the pool are the most special to me. Time spent outdoors are memories never forgotten. Brady will have MANY adventurous days like I enjoyed as a child!

     While Brady was trying to figure swinging a bat to hit the baseball, I was at the mailbox seeing what was sent our way. To my surprise, there was something with my name on it (and it wasn't a bill!). It was from my best childhood friend Megan Wilson... Talk about making my day. Those are some camping trip stories! She sent me a card saying she was thinking about me. Nothing beats hearing from an old friend! Needless to say, I am a very happy girl. Thank you Megan for not letting time get the best of us!

    Tomorrow is Friday, which means I get to share my day with some great people! (My clients do WAY more for me than they know...) Which also means, we're one day closer to Saturday. 
Another adventure.

-Passions are what drive humans to be happy. If you grow up watching television and playing video games all your life, you'll end up in spectator mode. As a result, life will become an endless quest for the next entertaining thing to consume.
Instead, teach your child the beauty of creation. There, lies the drive for life.-

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Dad convinced me that riding from Falls Park downtown Greenville to Main Street Travelers Rest wasn't a bad ride at all! So we borrowed our neighbors bike for Brady (Thank you to the Barajas!), we packed a bag, and we took off. At first, we met drizzle and chill, so Brady J cuddled in my sweatshirt :) Once we made it to our destination, we ate a delicious lunch at a Hardware Store turned Cafe. (What a fun place!)  Dad mentioned something I HAD to try. It was Apple and Gorgonzola Slaw. And it was incredible. After lunch, we jumped on our bikes to head back towards Greenville where we found Mr. Sunshine and a little suntan.  I'm not sure exactly how many miles we rode, although my legs know for sure. We enjoyed our day so much, and hope to go again very soon! It was great company, much needed exercise, sunshine, delicious food, and an all around pretty awesome Saturday.
I'm grateful we live in such a nice area. Especially with spring and summer upon us, we have no excuses for boredom! This child loves the outdoors, and I plan to give him just that. 
He has SO many adventures ahead!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Appreciating Time.

Sticks in my pocket. 

Today was started earlier than usual, and brought quite a few smiles to our faces.

        On the days I spend with Brady, I wish I could say every one of them is picture perfect. But lets be honest here...  Today just happened to be one to blog about. Yes, it's another post about how much I love my son. I know no one will ever fall for him like I have, but I enjoy him so much, I feel the need to share how he's made us one truly happy family.
      Today wasn't anything out of the ordinary, other than my first storage auction with my in-laws! And they're's just like the show. Brady and I ran errands, like every Thursday... but we enjoyed lunch together on the front porch. The weather was incredible, the birds were singing. It was perfect. Brady ate only his goldfish snacks, though, which resulted in me making lunch...twice
      Dragging every toy out to the front yard to play was WORTH IT. He was so happy. Of course, he'd choose to sleep outside if he could, he was in his happy place! He learned how to open the gate for the dogs to run out, and how to swing the bat to hit the baseball! All the boy stuff that makes you smile because you're dirty, ya know.
      Life right now is wild. We have so many projects going on around our house... Oh my goodness. Brian is full speed with his job, and I'm trying to keep this house tidy, all while working, and making future plans for work. Too many things going on at once. Focusing on what's most important is keeping me sane at this point. Playing with sticks will always win the battle over stressing over a chore.
      I watched Brady closely today as he was playing with each toy, making truck noises and throwing sticks. Yes, he's growing up. Before our eyes. But I'm not sad about it because...
   He kisses my hand.
He pulls my face to his to kiss. 
He cries when he realizes I'm leaving.
He SCREAMS for joy when I return!
Today he was whispering "Mama" to himself in the car. 
He sneaks up behind me and I feel these little arms wrap around my legs, while he hugs them tight. 
 This phase, I can deal with JUST fine!

     I've learned to appreciate each little moment I can enjoy with him. When he brings me a book to read, we sit. We make the time. Every day, he reminds me of how much our lives have changed over the past few years. In the most wonderful way possible. Life is good. Wild, fast-paced, and ever-changing... but with this kiddo by our sides, we don't mind a bit. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

An absolutely, wonderfully, warm and sunny day.

It was love at first sight.
Brady met his "wife-to-be." 
My precious little gentleman.

 And he loved on her...

And LOVED all OVER her.

Heather and I met each other halfway between Greenville and Charlotte for lunch together with these sweet things. Brady couldn't stop giggling and reaching for little Harley at lunch! He was in love! 
The afternoon rolled around and Brady found himself drooling over riding around with his daddy...

And THAT was our day. Plenty of sunshine, windows down, Brady breaking it down to dance a time or two, and seeing Heather & Harley. Our absolutely, wonderfully, warm, sunny day. 

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