Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn, the year's last, lovliest smile.

"No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face." J.D.

               Spring passed in the blink of an eye. Summer lasted what seemed a whole year. Now, the beginning of the most magical season is right in front of us. Seasons, I should say, because November & December bring great things, too. October  is such a special month. I'm not one to want a huge celebration, but I am looking very forward to a night out with some special people in my life. For my birthday, I've asked for a little dressing up, and a few drinks over dinner on a Friday night. Of course on Saturday the 1st, we must keep up tradition, and take our annual trip through the mountains. Brian has taken me every year for my birthday since I was 17, and I love everything about this day. We've visited Pretty Place, Rainbow Falls, antique shops, cafe's and anything that makes this day a little more dreamy. This year will be extra special though. We have a new addition to bring along! I just know Brady J will love the mountains.

        Today, being my day "off" with the little guy (wink,'s harder than you think.) makes the pros and cons to routine seem so bright. Routine is a necessity, it keeps the house neat & tidy and baby happy. Routine can be smothering, too. That's why this weekend seems weeks away. I'm so relieved to spend time away from the norm. To get some fresh air, new conversation, and enjoy some new scenery. Coffee & cake wouldn't hurt my feelings, either.
        Then comes our four year anniversary. Yes, it's been FOUR years. Somehow, we've grown up. We live in our own home, drive our own cars, have two dogs, and oh my goodness, we've had a baby. We're young. We just grew up quickly. I think that happens here in the south. Like there's no other way. I wouldn't take it back for the world. 
       Next, would be vacation. Words can't express my excitement for this. So, I'll just wait to blog about that when it seems more like reality. 
       ...... I'm getting ahead of myself. I just thought that it was time to let out, like everyone else has, my favorite things about this season. This is what makes me happy:  

On my birthday having no plan, just enjoying the company. 
Holding hands while we drive through the mountains.
It's the season to get away with wearing black, on black, on black. 
Candy Corn.
Woodsy Scents.
Candles and more candles.

   Enjoy this weekend with the incredible forecast of 65 degrees as the high in Greenville on Saturday. Be thankful for this fresh, crisp air...and do something special with the people you love. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a Wonderful World.

                Up above is my Control Journal that I've blogged about. It's a simple notebook full of daily lists, weekly lists, calendars & such. It's beginning to really calm our house down and it's slowly appearing to be clutter free. I've got two closets to work on, and our office to de-clutter before it's just right. Whatever my idea of "just right" may be. 
   I was thinking. I've never been the type of person to set a goal, block out the distractions, and look back to be proud of what I've done. I've honestly, besides a few books, can't remember finishing anything I've ever started. But there's something (it's has to be Brady) within the past year that makes me feel like I can't stop. I wonder if it's Brian rubbing off on me. I've never been an insanely productive person. So, I feel like since this wonderful thing called motherhood has turned my life around, I've become such a better person! I just feel better, all around. Our marriage is better than ever, our life at home is comfortable, and I've gained this brand new respect for myself. I would've never thought having a baby changes your life this much. It must be that loving someone with all your heart and soul, your world just becomes a wonderful place. Louis Armstrong can tell you just how I feel.
        Brian is working on a project for our kitchen. A place for Brady's things, my purse, shoes, and all those things you throw down as soon as you walk in your house. This is the bottom half. Like a hall tree for a corner!

      There will always be something going at our place. Cleaning, projects, exhaustion... But thanks to this precious little soul that the Lord has blessed us with, I feel like I've got the will power to do anything I set my mind to. This year, I've accomplished goals that I never thought I could. I'm so proud to have Brady Jameson in our lives. What a change he's made.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Before things get silly...

"Good order is the foundation of all great things."
-Edmund Burke

     It's true folks. One day, we'll wake up to realize that we've become our parents. It's all okay though, I'm not ashamed! You can call me Barry. I've become so addicted to being orderly, organized and on top of things. The mother in me is taking over. I can't tell the difference at this point between having control or losing it, but I'm thoroughly enjoying my Control Journal. (Is she kidding?)  You read it...thanks to, I'm keeping a control journal handy to help me stay on top of things. Think what you must...but this makes each day predictable and manageable. (I've got a wild side too...don't be disappointed.) SO, for the moms out there who don't want to be that mom...please take a look. Or for the brides that need a routine to follow before ---- hits the fan...just saying... lets get things in order to make life a little easier, shall we?
    Above is a picture of the very beginning of our real office. A grown up one, with actual organized files and a printer that works. It's in the process. It's on it's way. And it's another step to get our house under control! But if we didn't have a funky office, what fun is that? 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simple is perfect.

         We always look forward to the weekend, especially now that we have our weekends together. I've decided to spend more Saturdays with my family, and I've yet to regret it. This weekend seemed to be extra special, too, because of our company. Friday afternoon, Brady and I took a walk with mom, we had friends surprise us by stopping by after dinner, and we spent the evening around a fire with our wonderful neighbors! And late Friday night, I snuggled in those sheets just happy as could be knowing that I would wake up to a day with my boys. We had big plans, you know. We were staying home ALL day.
     Early Saturday morning, at 6 a.m. I heard a little voice. I quickly made a bottle and snuggled him between Brian and myself and the three of us drifted back off to sleep. Until 9 a.m. It felt like Christmas morning, I was thrilled to sleep in!!! I woke up and decided with such a comfortable time of year, and since everyone is in great spirits, it was time to make some sweets. My very favorite since I was a little girl, chocolate oatmeal cookies. I always remember mom making these! So, with the stove heating up, and while I was gathering all the ingredients, I decided I had time to run to the store to make 3x the amount the recipe called for. Neighbors, friends, and family took plenty and hopefully enjoyed them!  Needless to say, my workout clothes are already set out for tomorrow. Dad stopped by to take a walk with us, the game was on, and the rest of the day somehow disappeared.

    Brian wanted get many things crossed off his to-do list this weekend. We didn't go to the game as planned. Surprised the heck out of me. He said we'd stay home this weekend to get things done, to make this week ahead much easier. All while he was hugging me tight. I'm proud of him for working so hard. He's always on top of it all, taking care of everything. What I did to deserve such a man, I haven't a clue.
    Today was about the same. Sundays are always nice. The ending to the weekend, but the beginning of a week to look forward to. We played outside today.

     It wasn't the first time I've realized, but it's surely one of the happiest weekends at home...this is what I've always wanted. I love my husband. I love our son. I love our home, and our neighbors. I've always wanted to be a wife and mother, to live a simple life. This is it! Everyone is welcoming fall, it's such a easy time of year. Lets be thankful for this heavenly weather, our time with special ones, and the simple things that make life everything you've ever wanted. 

A t-shirt and diaper, you see.
Wild boys. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Big Cry.

      I really can't remember the last time I had a good cry. You know, the kind that you try your hardest to hold back with all your might, but the tears come right in time to ruin your makeup. The kind that when someone just looks at you thinking of the right thing to say, the tears just come flowing. It's the one you get that awful headache from, and the same one that makes your eyes sting all day. Today was the day that I had my big cry.
    I would love to share a post of the wonderful week or so I've had, I really do try to keep optimism and happiness close by, but this time, it's about letting these emotions GO. I'd like to think of myself as one who solves the problem as soon as it appears. When I face stress, I'd like to overcome it, and move on. But when I realize that I've turned my head to problems because I truly can't fix them myself, that horrible control issue I have stresses me to the max. I've been piling that stress up in a corner, just like clutter in the house, and before you know it, it's too overwhelming to even turn your head from anymore and all you can do is cry. I don't know what the solution is to the problem can't fix a problem that you have no business fixing. Regardless of the situation, it's become an unwelcome burden that I wish would disappear.
    God has a plan for every person of course, and it's His plan, His way, on His time. I know the drill. I know how things should be. How we should pray. Let them go. Calm our little selves down. But those wild emotions will get the very best of us sometimes. You know... the times when you have to remind yourself to breathe... that's that awful thing called anxiety creeping up on you. If you've never had a problem with anxiety, please share your secret, will ya? I've gotten to a point where I don't know up from down, and left from right. I'm exhausted.
      My therapy consists of these wonderful blessings: My husband. Our son. Our supportive family...and a box of tissues. Maybe a glass of wine. and for heavens sake, a girls night out soon. I talked to one of my very best friends this week about how crazy her day was. And it made me feel so much better! All of us moms have lost our minds. There's no hiding it. As put together as you may feel, you'll open your trunk one day and realize you've forgotten the stroller. You drove to the mall, and forgot the stroller. Only one of a million little funny things that'll happen when you're a mother. There really is no way to have everything under control. You'd be even more of a lunatic.
      So with a little letting go and a box of tissues gone, it's all looking up. (Half of this chaotic week is over, thank goodness.) The things that I can't control (the things way beyond forgetting a stroller) I've got to learn to let go. Lately there have been many examples of how God has blessed me tremendously, and just how many blessings I take for granted. Tonight, it's time to slow down, relax, and let God do His thing ;) He's got this. I wasn't made to perform miracles. But Brian and I happen to be living proof that He sure can. Please say a prayer for my family.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A lively home, for sure.

"You can't change the music of your soul."
-Katharine Hepburn

    He's patched, sanded, dusted, painted, and moved furniture all because he wanted his son to be a little more comfortable. That's my husband. With little to no free time lately, he's made the time to finish a project that he himself wanted to start. His man cave has been taken over by baby. He's been hard at work with landscaping, but he's still managed to put his family above it all. Who could ask for more?  
      If I had a few pictures of Brady's new room'd be amazed. Brian patched close to fifty holes in these walls before transforming it into what it is now. Fifty. Each one made by him! A man cave at it's best. But being the great dad he is, gave it all up for his little buddy. Dart board and all, but left him a little night light to keep tradition up...

    He put the finishing touches up this weekend, and the little man's room is FINISHED. For now, that is.  We kept all of the same furniture and knick knacks. We've got to buy/build shelves for his toys and books, but that's no rush.

     Having a little boy, even being only 8 months old, is SO MUCH FUN! He's the funniest kid I've ever seen, but of course I'd say that right?  He shows about 100 different expressions while he eats. He screams with his arms raised, and then smiles. He loves being in the spotlight. He now says "Bye bye" 23 hours out of each day. When you put him in front of the mirror, he'll wave and say "bye bye" to himself. He still doesn't want to crawl. He'd rather flip or roll than crawl...that's just more fun right? He loves the dogs. Diesel already knows who's boss. A 20 lb baby to a 210 lb dog? (He may even weigh more by now!) We still haven't seen a tooth...only drool. And lots of it. He's wild and crazy, and he'll give you a giant bear hug. He's made our house a home! This crazy kid has made our world so happy.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our First Weekend of Fall.

In the autumn of life, 
There’s a settling down-
Contentment and sureness in what we do.

      Every season brings a welcomed change where we live. Finally, after what feels like a year of thick humidity, it's time for us all to calm down. It's time to relax and enjoy this wonderful season upon us. Time for change. To me, winter is the comfy season. We treasure big thick blankets, coffee, and time spent by the fire with the family and friends. Spring is magical. Spring brings fresh air, and beauty to everything. The season for windchimes, front porch reading, flowers, and sundresses. Summer brings friends around. Of course, this is great through every other season, but there's something special about summer. Grilling, late night talks and visits with neighbors that brings everyone together. Brady's favorite time of day is around 7 pm when the three of us jump in the golf cart and ride around the neighborhood. This winds him down for bedtime. He loves being outside. My boy. So quickly, fall has arrived and this is such a comfortable but exciting time of year! My birthday is almost here, our FOURTH anniversary is soon after (I'm not old enough for this), an amazing getaway planned with friends, football games and tailgating, and plenty of time spent outside in the crisp air I have waited all year to breathe. This means s'mores and scarves. Ahhhh. And camping! And candy corn! But best of all, this is Brady's very first Halloween, his first time in cozy hoodies, and I can't wait to spend every moment possible sharing my favorite season with my very favorite boy. (Other very favorite, that is.) Fall is here, and I think everyone has been patiently waiting for its arrival. Finally.

At our house, we're welcoming you with a bright Clemson flag 
& a vibrant fall wreath. Give me a month or so, and I'll be baking plenty of goodies to share with ya!

We had a lunch date with our good ol' buddies Heather and Eric Warren. 
They are expecting a little lady to arrive in January. 
We are too excited. 

   I'd say we've had a memorable weekend. Tailgating in Clemson, meeting dear friends for lunch to catch up, and tomorrow, on Labor Day, we're cooking out with the family! (Why every SINGLE event is scheduled around food is beyond me.)  It's the perfect way to wrap up this fun summer and relax ourselves for a much more comfortable season. Many special days coming up and many blessings to be thankful for. Brady Jameson is 8 months old. I never knew I was missing something so incredible until he was born. We've shared snow storms, breezy spring afternoons outside, and suncreen and lemonade. But now it's time to share my most treasured time of year with Brian and Brady! And apple cider, and a birthday cake...

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