Thursday, December 20, 2012

Missing my Fun.

My Job
is my fun. It's my outlet and my "hands on".
I love what I do, and I'm away from it until February!
I'm already looking forward to returning
(this is only my first week away.)
I'm now booking appointments for March
and would love nothing more than to go 
back, in the new year and begin working again with these
clients that always have a new picture, new idea, something different to try!
I'm missing my fun already, and I'm itching to jump back in and work.
Work is the wrong word.

Until then, I'm jumping into the unexplored world of headbands, embellishments and "pretty little things" for my Marcy Lane. If I'm not scheduled to work with clients, I have a brand new daughter (in six short days) to bring into the world of hair love.
In my "spare" time, I will be playing cars with my son and making pretty little things for my daughter.

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