Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Her Two Month Celebration.

First and foremost, all is well and 
we have yet another fantastic story to tell.
I only cried a little, and well, I learned that "rocking" the car will get a baby to sleep.
Long story short, 
I locked my precious two month old in the car.
(Marcy girl, please forgive me.)
It's always a funny story until it happens to you...

She turned two months old today, and this is how we celebrate...
by watching two different locksmiths try and open the same door.
A Volvo is hard to get into, folks. 

I'm still shaken up and it happened four hours ago. 
The little one is just fine and thankfully I had family all around to calm me down. I had no idea that it's possible to reach a breaking point, at which all your body lets you do is laugh
Even though it's no laughing matter...

So, lesson of today is
*keep calm and always have a spare key*

It's my biggest defense towards stress these days. 
Who wants to meet me at the gym?!

Little girl, you're in for quite the adventure.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Life Is Not A Race.

Nothing terrible inspired this post, just many little things pushed aside again and again.
Life is too hectic. Life is too crazy. We try to do too much.
I'm guilty for trying to do it all.
My mind is made up. 
Throwing away my day planner isn't very rational, 
but deleting every preset to do on every day of the week 
(yes, it's that bad.) 
is something that has to be done.
Since December, I've been running a race.
This new chapter of my life with two beautiful children is something I've always looked forward to and I refuse to regret any one of my days spent worrying about the next.
Even Dear Ol' Dad reminded me "Life is not a race. You have the rest of your life to finish things." 
Hard to hear, but just what I needed. 
See, I try to manage everything myself and well, 
it'll make you crazy.
Lesson learned, thankfully sooner than later.
The most beautiful days in life are straight ahead, 
and it's only in my nature to prepare for them the best way I know how. 
It's time to slow things down. Way down.
For my family and for myself.

-Psalm 46:10-

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snowy Saturday Surprise.

A huge surprise for a Saturday afternoon!
The weather man was right!
Snowing long enough to play just a minute, 
Brady J got his first taste of snow while 
Marcy stayed bundled up inside. 
I love this family.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


She's the most beautiful spirit I've ever known.
She touches every heart she meets.
She glows inside and out and makes you feel that way, too. 
She's a family comedian.
She's a light of happiness.
Sunflowers are her favorite.
She is my sister.
Touching lives is her mission and
seeking God is what she's set out to do on these five weeks away from home.
This has been her lifelong dream, to serve others. 
She's an inspiration to me and as I can imagine, everyone she meets.
If you know her, you've seen her beauty in the million ways she shows.
This is my wonderful sister.
 Please keep her in your prayers as she explores her way through the souls of others, as she walks closer to God on the path He's chosen for her. 
She's embraced life for the magnificent thing it is.
In our prayers together as little girls, she never forgot to pray for every missionary of the world. 
This is my beautiful sister and she's become just the person she's always prayed for. 
And I miss her so very very much.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dwelling on the Good.

If you take a minute to count your blessings, 
really it stays on your mind longer than you might think. One blessing leads to two, two to three, and before you know it, you realize your life itself is one huge gift that God planned just for you. From the family we're given to the people we meet. The more I think about it, the more grateful I become, and I begin to see everything in a more positive light. Because every experience teaches a lesson, and that lesson we keep to share with others. 
That leads me to one of the not so common blessings that we tend to overlook.
The one we see so often that we forget what good it gives. 
That's our job.
Some of us see it 5 days a week, some more or less. Some see too many hours and some wish they saw more. Our jobs keep food on the table, safety, shelter and comfort for our families. 
Unfortunately, a job isn't always guaranteed with the crazy world of today. 
Especially mine, based solely on my creativity, technique and relationships I build with each client. 
This gives me even more reason to feel grateful and take this "job" as so much more than work. It's something I enjoy more than words can explain. It's something I look forward to daily and give my 110%. It's a job where I forget to eat lunch because conversations mean too much and I leave each workday taking something special with me that a client has shared. It's more than a job, it's purely a blessing. See, having two babies put this work thing to the ultimate test. So many people told me that I enjoy life at home too much to return to work. But this isn't work to me! This job I have is what I enjoy, it's who I am, and it's my getaway. It's my outlet. And every one of my amazing clients make it as wonderful as it is. It's way way more than a just a job.
The more conversations I have standing behind the chair, it becomes more clear that God has this plan for me that's more special and unique than I could ever imagine. He's put every person in my chair for a purpose. Today, a very precious client and I cried together ~ she shared her story, and I shared mine. Of course it was a good laugh later, but in the end, we promised to pray for each other. She might have no idea what she did for me this afternoon, I can only hope I am a light to her like she was for me! This job was in His plan just like this amazing family of mine. I have so many people in my life to appreciate- and once I take a second to dwell on the blessings of everyday life, of my job, my work... it becomes so much more than work. 
It's these amazing women with beautiful hearts that help provide for my family.
So much more than just a job.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Back in the Swing.

First of all, my darling is growing so quickly. She'll be two months very soon and visions of the babies playing outside this spring is all that's on my mind. Brady is growing like crazy himself, saying big words and acting like a big boy. He has his moments. 
Yesterday was our first visit to church being a family of four. The routine was just what I remember from being a little girl. A wild Sunday morning around the house (mom couldn't find anything to wear, much like I couldn't either) and we barely made it to church on time. Brady went into his classroom, while Brian, Marcy and I sat together to watch the service. Afterwards the four of us went out for a big Sunday lunch... the whole day felt funny because I was reliving my childhood...
It feels so good to be back.
I feel like I'm running behind on blogging! So so much has been happening around here.
My first week returning to work was incredible. The vacation I yearned for! I missed my clients and our talks and my breaks

Projects are close to completed around our house. The big ones atleast! 
We've spent more time lately in our backyard- being so thankful for this good weather for Brady to play his little heart out. The boy is bruised from head to toe from climbing and jumping and falling. And his heart is happy.

Our living room, I'm sort of stuck in... I've called for help from a sweet friend for some advice on colors. She responded so quickly, and I've got to get back to her.. (Jolyane, I appreciate you so much!) I think my next big move is the buying a sewing machine. I need curtain panels, bed skirts and oh my gosh I know I can do it! My biggest fear is getting carried away...
Brian added this beautiful moulding to our IKEA shelves! Easy Update!

My sister in law told me about these very inexpensive chevron pillow covers. 
I called today to see when the next shipment will be in...
Hobby Lobby, I love you.

Leftover burlap had to go somewhere. Hot Glue and I have become very close.

I fell in love with these foldable baskets.
From Walmart!

So we've been brightening everything in our house. It's looking neat and clean and ready for spring!
It's just occured to me this week is Valentines Day. Thursday actually. I think all of these crazy ideas I've had that he's put to work should count as my Valentines gift... maybe some chocolate too, but I dont want to ask too much... 
I love my Valentine, and he not only says it, but shows he loves me every single day. I'm so thankful for him and all his hard work for his family.
I'll be back to blogging more often, when I can pace myself between daily life, projects, and keeping up with these sweet babies. 
I want to leave you with this FUN little something I ran across too...

^Just Click It! ^
If you love to thrift shop, here you go. Map out your shopping plan ;) 

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