Saturday, May 19, 2012

The New Place.

I've only been meaning to blog about the new salon for almost a month now.
Business is amazing, clients have followed easily, and new clients are booking appointments every week. I still can't decide if an updo or color is my favorite... my very favorite thing is when a client is sitting in the chair and says "Just do whatever you want to do, I trust you." That, my friends, is fun. These are recent pictures of a few new colors, cuts and updos I've done. I have to thank everyone who sits in my chair for being a little daring and very trusting. You make my job so enjoyable, and keep my creativity flowing...

And the biggest "Thank You" goes straight to my wonderful mother and father-in-law who made this move so easy and breezy. (And possible, for that matter.) The best part of it all is Brady J. is always near while I work! He comes to visit and maybe to flirt a little with the pretty ladies, and always gets a hug and kiss in return. He's loving the new set up almost as much as I am.

By the way, any clever new names for this salon, I'll take! 
She needs a name, folks!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Surprise Mother's Day Déjà Vu!

Here's a story, short and sweet...

First Comes Love...

Then Comes Marriage...

Then Comes a Baby...

Then a year flies by in the blink of an eye!

Before we knew it...
Our little family of three is GROWING!

EXACTLY like two years ago, we told our closest friends and family on Mother's Day how the next year held a new addition to our family! Brady Jameson's brought us joy like we've never known before. Now we're thrilled to share that excitement ALL OVER AGAIN!
We're an ever growing family, with beautiful memories to make...
What a HUGE surprise to EVERYONE ...even US!
(This means Brady and baby-to-come will likely share birthdays only days apart.)

  Without getting all emotional (I cried watching cartoons this morning) my heart is full and my tummy is queasy. Making over a room (once again) in our home is hysterical at this point. Our families have cried happy tears and our friends have given hugs and "Congratulations!". The next year ahead looks like happiness to us, and all we can say is we're so so grateful.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

...we obviously sipped the water.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flowers, Pretending, and New Beginnings.

Obviously she's beyond talented, and luckily, I caught a little lesson from her!
My sister-in-law Brandi is one heck of a designer. The first picture is where we spent our Friday afternoon at her place. Not too shabby! She taught me tips and tricks on how to pin, wrap and twist to make a boutonnier. 
Lovely, I'd say.

I suppose Brady woke up Saturday morning in the mood to pretend. He tried on my glasses, so I figured he'd appreciate the sombrero, too. This was the extent of our Cinco de Mayo, along with an incredible filling Mexican lunch with dad.
(The child has me wrapped.)

Saturday afternoon, a bridal portrait updo for a special lady was on the book.
If you want to know the truth...I have a love-hate relationship with very important updos.
Probably because she's relying on me to give her the hairstyle she's always imagined.
-That's pressure, love.- 
Hairstylists carry an art of keeping emotions hidden, you know.

   The afternoon held a trip with a trunk full of potting soil, herbs to plant, and a can of black glossy paint. Cilantro was #1 on my list, but also brought home boxwood basil, sweet mint, and orange mint. 
I haven't kept the best record of keeping plants in their best condition, or even alive for that matter, but buying plants is sort of like a new beginning to grow something special! (Or to say you didn't kill it.) Now that salsa is a staple in our home, cilantro is in high demand.

I feel like there's too much to blog about! The construction in the back yard is coming right along. I can't wait to show before and after pictures. 
Also, my most recent big change: LIFE IN THE NEW SALON.
I'll be proudly posting pictures, soon!

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