Friday, April 29, 2011

Left the doctor with a grin!

Each child is an adventure into a better life -an opportunity to change the old pattern and make it new.

      When I glance at my schedule for the day, written on paper, it rarely ever goes as planned. Everything usually gets the check but of course, plans always change! Yesterday morning when I took Brady to work, I was feeding him before my client came in. When I was holding his head, I felt something funny and turned him around but didn't see anything. I felt again, and something felt like a small knot behind his ear...
I would like to think there's nothing wrong, that it'll go away, but since becoming a mother, there is always that "what if" factor, and taking baby to the doctor was my first instinct. I cant stand going to the doctor. I absolutely LOVE our doctors though, the entire office is absolutely wonderful at Parkside. So friendly and helpful. Just a bother to make the appointment, sit and wait... blah blah... When it comes to baby though, we do what we have to do :) So we stripped baby down to the diaper, took his weight ...AND....14.6lbs!! Chunky little fella, I'm so proud of him. Such a happy, healthy baby. The doctor took a look behind Brady's ear and didn't seem concerned at all. A swollen lymph node. He told us that a lot of times, when things with the body are stressed (even skin issues as small as cradle cap) that the body has many lymph nodes to fight off infection. In Brady's case, he was a little swollen because of his sensitive skin. He was blessed with mom's sensitive skin. Poor, poor baby. First trip to the doctor for a concern and everything turned out just fine, I believe we should be very thankful!! The plan wasn't to go to the doctor today, it was actually to attend a funeral for a dear friend of the family. I had every intention of being at this ceremony, even cancelled clients appointments, which I hate doing. Once my schedule was planned for the day, and this came up with the little guy, there was no question, B had to see the doctor. Not only did Brady leave with a smile, but I did too, because my amazing husband makes sure to be with us at every appointment. We are so blessed to have Brian as a husband & daddy :) So, the day winds down with yet another blessing, Brady Jameson is still a healthy (quite healthy) 14.6lb sweet little boy. He'll be four months old next week, which blows me away. Time flies by entirely too fast! Everyday is becoming more and more fun with my boys. We have so many fun plans together :) Tomorrow is our first family "Pickin'" experience. I CANNOT WAIT!! Brian and I love to watch the show American Pickers. These guys go out and find treasures in a pile of junk. So that's just what we plan to do tomorrow, find fun treasures to bring home with us :) Brian has just the place scoped out to visit, hopefully we'll find some pretty funky things! We also have some other tasks for the weekend like painting in the kitchen, hanging new frames, etc, etc...always changing things up 'round here. :) Hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead, and if you don't, plan one!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Only dark chocolate can fix this.

     The morning started off well, exceptionally well, given that we were blessed not to see any effects of the storm last night! I woke up exhausted, Brian and I both stayed up watching the weather updates. I was scared to death, hustling around the house bringing in pillows, cushions, even my wreath! I was determined , tornado or no tornado, that wind wasn't taking my things! I woke up to the sound of Brady crying, which is heartbreaking, I love to be there by his crib as he wakes up. (This has happened maybe 5 times.) I rushed in his room and he started smiling when he saw me! Diaper change, bottle made, and I crawled back in bed with the little guy to feed him and let us fall fast asleep together. Except I couldn't sleep, I had to wake up. I worked a little today, which was fine by me! Learned Brady doesn't do well if I'm not waiting with a bottle. He doesn't like to just sit. Hmmm, where in the world did get that THAT trait from? So once we left the salon, he fell asleep. Ran here, ran there, watching him wake up, wiggle in his carseat and whine a little. Once we were headed to that wonderful place called home, I glanced down at my phone, and missed a call. From the groomer. Lilly has been waiting for me to pick her up. FAN-tastic. By this time, Brady is screaming, and I'm trying to push 50mph on Fairview Road, which is impossible, at LUNCHTIME. I pick Lilly up, throw her in the backseat with the screaming little man (I feel like I could lose it at any moment...) and scan in every direction for a policeman because this mama is about to run every stop sign she comes to. I turn into the neighborhood and pull up to the house faster than I should've...Unlock the door, pull B out of his carseat, make a bottle, turn on the Zen music channel, and Brady drifts off to sleep, bottle in his mouth and all.  There is ABSOLUTELY nothing in the entire world more relaxing than walking through the door of your own home. So that's where we're at now. I'm on the computer with a whole BOWL of dark chocolate beside me, after eating pizza (at this point I dont care if I'm eating a stick of butter if it helps me relax). Baby is asleep and I'm finally calm. Brady and I are going to load up the stroller and take a walk around the block in a bit. Ahhhh, fresh air & a happy baby. I wonder how other moms deal with stressful day-to-days like this... most of the time I can brush it off, but today, if I didn't feel so guilty, could've opened up that special bottle of cabernet sauvignon... that happens to be three liters. It's all probably good for you though, I guess days like this teach you to deal. I do believe that we'll be staying home together on our days off from now on! Even with chaos, there's is always a blessing waiting for you somewhere. Today, it was walking through that door and holding my sweet baby while he falls asleep, while I was eyeing that bowl of chocolate. ;) Looking forward to our weekend spending time with friends! Summer is here, it's time to be outside and make FUN plans for the month ahead! Not a thing in the world to stress about...and Brian may not know it, but he sure does make our day when he walks through the door :) He should be home any time now :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love that sleep.

"We live in a rainbow of chaos."

   OH, just to get a little more sleep! Sweet Brady doesn't even wake up in the middle of the night, he sleeps for 11 hours, every night. 8:00pm - 7:00am, every single day. THANK YOU LORD. Of course, at first we weren't that lucky, but the boy likes his sleep, thank goodness. For the past 3 weeks, he's awake at 7am, we feed him and by 8:30 he's out for a morning nap again, usually for an hour and a half. That's when mom gets ready for the day. Except this morning...I fell asleep right beside the little guy until about 10:30. After that, well, he's awake all day! Maybe little naps here and there but not enough to do much. So what am I doing right now? Wishing I had time to get a shower before my handsome hubby walks through that door. Brady is taking a little nap this second, he'll wake up ANY minute! Being a mom is THE most amazing thing I've ever experienced. I honestly never knew I could EVER be this happy! I may be repeating myself with all the mushy gushy but this might be a little encouragement to those mommies-to-be (cough, cough, Heather (Im sorry, I just cant wait until I hear the word!!)) just how wonderful life can be! I truly always worried about when you're a mom, becoming the "mom". You know, when the hairstyle turns into the bob, you always wear flats, lip gloss becomes chap-stick and shaving your legs becomes a chore. Disgusting. I mean, yeah, it's clear how much easier that would be, but geez. Having a baby is a FULL time job, everything becomes scheduled. I now have grocery days, hair supply days, once a month cleaning days... my grocery day is scheduled every other Monday and I plan out my meals. (try, atleast.) I have a list to complete before I go to bed every night from packing the diaper bag to watering the plants. It is exhausting, but it would be more exhausting to me for it NOT to get done! I have to keep the laundry going 24/7, or it's overwhelming. Can't wait until this boy starts playing outside in the mud & starts sports...ohhwee the laundry will be fantastic. To say all this, is to say there is LOTS more to do, and I LOVE IT. I love my husband more than anything in the world, he IS my world. Before Brady, though, I felt like I was wandering, cluless about what was next. I hate to use the word "bored", but yes, we were a little bored. I think most moms are alike though, and I LOVE my mommy friends. (Thank you Kylie for starting your sweet blog, I love it!) And, like she says in her blog, I believe we need to hear each others stories for a little encouragement! No one is the perfect mom, and we ALL do have moments where we have to choose: EAT, SHOWER or SLEEP & every channel on tv turns into the Disney channel. the end of the day, all of the toys, (to keep my sanity) are put away, the bottles are cleaned, I relax with candles & a bath (sometimes!) and you HAVE to get your "me time". Or you will lose it! Even if this includes giving yourself a mani & pedi at midnight. It's a must. It's 5:00 and Brian will be home anytime now, I'm giving Brady an early bath so that I have time to cook my new -Havarti Stuffed Chicken Breasts & Tomato Salad- recipe. Or try. That's my next venture!  :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

First Little Easter

       This Easter weekend was filled with friends, family, laughs, and with all fun, the time flew by! It was Brady's first Easter! That Easter Bunny brought Brady J his first red wagon, filled with books about trucks, dinosaurs, and bugs. He had new pajamas and some fun new clothes to wear, since he's growing up   right before our eyes!  This time last year, I had no idea God had blessed us with our little "blueberry". Easter will never be the same, only much, much happier. We spent time with all the family. And a few new friends, too! Easter eggs were hidden, very special eggs, and a feast was eaten, thanks to my sweet sister-in-law who was blessed with the gift of cooking the MOST wonderful food. Once we were stuffed, and sleepy, it was time to head over to Honey & Papa Bear's for time with my very loved family. (Brady wore the sweetest linen pants & a bright orange shirt...but he's all boy, he was just too hot and is happy without those fussy clothes!) Dad kept tradition going with the most incredible chicken I've ever eaten. He also made everyone's favorite macaroni! Mom set the table so pretty with flowers for us all to sit around. And Ellie, well, it's just beautiful to have her home. She is so missed. Needless to say, this was a Happy Easter. Brady's very first.
    This weekend also brought friends together for the first time in a VERY long time. We had plenty of laughs and drinks together over some delicious sushi. (Can you see just how much I love food ??) Everyone is still the same as before, with families now & busy lives. I'm glad we all made it out together, which we need to plan more often! Maybe next time with the kiddos ;) 
    Today as I hustled around the house getting as many things done as fast as I could, I realized Brady has already outgrown all of his 3 month clothes. I remember holding up onsies for 3 months and thinking that it'll be forever until he fits into them! Well, they all say time flies, but now I see it. Too fast, too fast. His closet is now full of clothes prepared for 3-6 & 6 months. Oh my goodness. Everyday I'll look at his sweet cheeks and happy smile and can only hope I remember him at this age! His sweet little noises, the way he smiles when I peek over his crib each morning, just everything. He's so perfect to me. Tomorrow I spend the entire day with the little guy. Those are the days that I live for! We may just take a little stroll in his red wagon, or read stories together. Whatever we do tomorrow, we'll do together, and not a thing in the world could make me happier. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A friend loveth at all times. Proverbs 17:17

A friend loveth at all times. Proverbs 17:17

    A long time ago, a few girls became quite inseperable. They went to school together, learned to drive together, spent most of their time with each other when silly boys weren't involved. It all started when they were young, sleepovers, passing notes in class, more boy drama. The girls didn't wander far from each other. Time passed, and they became teenagers. They were looking forward to graduating highschool, having their dream jobs & living on their own. One friend left town to go to school and she was dearly missed. Three friends stayed behind to pursue their dreams of being three little hairstylists. More time passed, and they grew up quickly, though growing apart just as fast. Diamonds were presented, dates were set and families began to grow. Another friend realized that even though she had made more wonderful friends as she grew, she really missed the group of girls that made her years growing up so happy. Now, years down the road from makeup and boys, we all have husbands and babies. Well, most of us ;) Keeping in touch with one another has been difficult, given our busy lives and our families being our first priorities...
   In just a few days, we've all planned to meet each other for dinner together to catch up. Being that we've not all spoken for a while and not everyone is as close as they used to be, I still plan for our time to be just as enjoyable as it used to be. Maybe as fun as the night we all tried to make Thanksgiving dinner, just maybe ;) We've all chosen different paths over the years, so catching up will be quite the event, Im sure! Cant wait to hear about everyone's life lately, their jobs and what exactly has been going on for the past few years. Although I do talk to a couple friends here and there, I feel like I miss out on so much. I suppose having a baby really does bring out the soft side in ya ;) I've been thinking a lot lately, and although I've said otherwise, I honestly do feel like it's so important to catch up with friends. Even if we're completely different, too much alike, we've argued and haven't said our apologies, or simply forgotten how sweet a friendship can be. There is a sure reason we all became such close friends in the first place.

Looking so forward to a night out with my dearly missed friends!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Sunshine

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things --wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."

 Today was the very first day that I've spent with little Brady away from home. I've taken him here and there before but never for the majority of the day. We drove down the street to see Honey before having lunch with a friend :) We had fifteen minutes to kill before lunch so we drove. And drove. I watched in my mirror to see if little eyes were getting sleepy, but they were WIDE awake. He wasn't making a peep. He loves car rides. Finally, after turning in and out of parking lots, his eyes were closed and he was out. For two hours. I knock on wood as I say this, but he is the EASIEST baby. He smiles all day long. Eats all day long, too, but maybe that's why he smiles. Loves  to eat just like mom! Sometimes when I put him down to sleep I walk out of his room and already miss him. Someone told me today that within the next month or so, he'll be reaching for me and he'll recognize his name. He's growing so quickly, but it seems like January 6th was ages ago. 
   Still getting adjusted to his "schedule". This morning he woke up and went back to sleep within an hour and took an incredible morning nap...Not only did I get myself ready, I did a load of laundry...and rearranged the living room. Quietly! And he woke up smiling, just in time to visit Honey :) I fall more in love with him everyday. We shopped a little today, ya know, Mr. Easter Bunny has prepare his visit. And boy, did he stock up. With all the essentials, though, like a book about trucks. Didn't exactly strike me as the sweetest book, but it would make dad smile. As soon as we bring home that little red wagon, he'll be set :) This little boy is going to have the MOST fun childhood, I'll make sure of that. 
   We were sitting on the front porch together this morning and overheard two little boys playing outside together. They were both laughing so hard and having the time of their lives playing in the dirt. I know it wont be long before Brady will be covered in mud and finding bugs, but I just cant wait! Oh, the plans I have for this little boy. One of my favorite memories as a little girl was going camping. I absolutely L O V E D to play outside. I remember fishing with dad and making little forts under trees with my cousins. Even now Brady loves to be outside. We sat out in the sun on Sunday, he stood up in the grass. Something about being outside, he is so content. He loves to take walks around the neighborhood. I have a playlist on my phone for Brady that we listen to when we walk :)  I want to do everything I can to see those sweet smiles. So little B has plenty of plans ahead of him, he just doesn't know it yet. He'll be going camping, hiking, spending summertime at the lake & the beach, and when he's old enough, riding in the old Jeep that we fix up :) With his mom and dad both having Wranglers for their first cars, it's bound to happen. He'll love it too! Brian will teach him how to do anything and everything with a Jeep, he'll teach him how to build things, and somewhere along the line, teach him about how to be a gentleman, just like himself. 
   This little boy has stolen my heart. My little sunshine :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Treasures to Me

"Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need."

 Of course, being with my boys is my very favorite way to spend my next favorite is being home. Being home WITH the boys...well it must be a little like heaven. Nothing makes me happier than to spend time swinging on the front porch with my family and friends. Wherever this road leads us to living in the future, we'll always have a front porch to welcome ya! To make things even more wonderful than this 71 degree, sunny day outside, my sweet mother-in-law surprised us with a set of wind chimes. Brian put them in a tree above the hammock. Ahh...spring is here! They may bother everyone else in the neighborhood, and my apologies if so, but they are wonderful to me. Growing up, I always remember the sound of wind chimes in the spring and summer. I'll never forget the hammock right outside our back door under the huge tree that shaded our patio, which always felt cold on our bare feet. I guess Im trying to keep the memory of spring the same in our home as my mom always did growing up. If I could only hang our laundry out to dry :) Nothing in the entire world like going to sleep on clean, crisp sheets. Another little treasure mom always shared. To anyone else this all may seem quirky, but to me, it's spring. To make it a little more enjoyable, all the windows stay open and that smell of fresh air is everywhere. I was sitting on the porch a little while ago and came across in a magazine something that made my heart smile!

"When I was little, my family would go to the flea market and everyone would find that one special treasure, and that was the memory." -Hollie Wood

  Seeing pictures of her home and reading just how she finds all her little treasures is just too fun. She found a pillow in a dumpster while traveling and kept it because it was beautiful. My kind of girl. I used to always run around to thrift stores in town finding little things I couldnt live without. ALWAYS in Charleston, I've gone, and never do I leave empty handed. There were quite a few times where we looked at the piece of furniture we bought, glanced at size of the trunk of the car, and then...called dad. Guess I do have a little hobby, after all. It's not too expensive, actually the trick is to try to spend next to nothing. I haven't actually done this in ages, I suppose it's time. Ellie's coming into town next weekend, we'll have to spend the afternoon doing something special together, like being "junk fairies." There's always something to do around the house, from keeping something sweet in the house to making sure the plants happy, and I love it. With Brady finally here, it makes this time of year much sweeter than ever before. So here's a little glimpse of the few things that make my heart happy. A Sunday afternoon spent barefoot at home is just as much a desire as it is a necessity! Happy Sunday to ya!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Changing of the Seasons

"To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right." 

   With every season comes change, and with every spring & summer, we see change very clearly around here. Last year at this time, the morning of May 3rd, we were thrilled to see (by 8 tests, no less) that we were for sure to expect a baby. What a change. I had no idea where to begin. Do I buy a book? What am I supposed to be eating? big am I REALLY going to get...constant thoughts racing through my head... Brian and I had been married for 2 1/2 years, with two dogs, Lilly and Diesel. The thought of an actual baby and the responsibility that comes along with it scared me. A lot. I've always looked forward to being a mom. (Especially to a boy!) But with being a mom, not only holds responsibility for taking care of your new bundle, but actually being involved with the small things. Talking to baby, taking him for walks, giving him baths, reading books, playing...and all the while falling completely in love with him and not falling completely apart yourself. By that I mean, losing sleep, losing hair (NOT a fan.) keeping the house tidy & clean, trying to shed the nine months of milkshakes, remembering that you do have a job trying to please a your loyal clients, oh, and acting like you have it all together and happy in the meantime. What stress? So far, these 3 1/2 months of being a mom has been so completely wonderful, thinking of life without my Brady Jameson makes me wonder how I was happy before. Now, having a husband who makes me laugh until I cry, who is honest and sincere, and who does countless things to make me happy...that's more than a blessing in itself. So how is it that I am blessed with such an amazing husband, and next, blessed with a healthy, happy baby? More than thankful, more than blessed. I didn't decide to blog to say that I'm happy happy happy, just to explain that we have so many blessings surrounding us and often look straight past them only to focus on one tiny thing that isn't perfect. Life is ENTIRELY too short not to make sweet memories with your family. Being a young couple, we've decided to grow up pretty quickly. I was married at nineteen years old. So many people my age cringe at the thought of being "tied-down" to a husband and a baby. There is never a boring moment, always something on your to-do list & yes, more than likely I have Brady's drool somewhere on my shirt. Two years ago I would've gladly run in the opposite direction of this life, but now it's all mine, and I want to embrace it for every perfect thing it brings. 
   Things always must change though, so why not choose to be happy and look forward to the positive things your life may bring. In my case, it's simple. I have a spring and summer to spend outside with my two boys, friends & family, neighbors, cooking out and taking walks around the block. Spending my two special days a week at home all day with the baby, forgetting about the to-do list and singing to him instead. Looking forward to Brady's feet touching sand for the first time at the beach, and soon to be planning date nights with my love. See, there's always something to do ;) For others, change might not be as welcome, but there is always something positive & something to be learned from every wind in the road. This time last year, before the big news, was a lesson learned in our marriage. An exhausting, emotional lesson. But with two hearts set right, and lots of support and love, our marriage is healthier now than ever. We have a smiling bundle of joy, two hilarious puppies, growing friendships, supporting families & so much to look forward to this beautiful time of year!

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