Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Let me have a moment.


I'm blogging from the iPad again. Computer screen still won't turn on, I'm sure it was Brady's doings. 

In May of 2010, when we first found out we were expecting a baby, I had dreams of a little curly-haired wild boy. I wanted stories to tell, adventures to share and hilarious moments with him...
God gave me exactly what I wanted in this family. Plus more. Like...way more...
I'm taking my anxiety out on a bag of M&M's (These are Brady's potty training treats. Or...Were.) and a really tacky bright green mommy drink I grabbed out of desperation while at the store with the babies yesterday. My body hurts. My brain hurts. God must think I'm some sort of superhero. 
Could be punishment, too. 
Yesterday began with a trip to the ER for Brady. 
Thank goodness all is well, but that was only the beginning
After we returned home, Brady found the dog treats and emptied them out for Lilly to eat as fast as she could. 
She was sick all night.
This morning, Brady stripped down to nothing while running around the house with a pop-tart in hand. Next thing we know, he's using the potty
everywhere but the potty.
And laughing hysterically of course.
I. Am. Tired.
I'm exhausted. 
And someone had the nerve to tell me "...just wait 'till he turns three."
I have nothing left to say other than bless your sweet souls, mama's.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Time's A Changin'.

Being June 2nd, I've started blog posts about five times since my last post, with so so much on my mind, so much to say, and so much ahead of me. All that's on my mind is only a million times thought over. A jumble of emotions, except for one. Which I'd like to not claim, but fear, which is usually one. I'm always the planner, the one with it all figured out. Only lately with life bringing one thing after another (some wonderful and some not so much), it's seemed that my decision to become a stay at home mother has happened right on time. My love for my work is something I'll never let go of. But my love for my children will always come before work, and before money. This short period of beautiful time in my life I want to make all that I can.
Here are some amazing things that have happened in my life lately...

-A relationship that was once broken has now been restored. 
A weight has been lifted. What a beautiful thing.

-My sister is close again. She's happy, and we've been having an absolute blast together.

-Yesterday, we had a yard sale to grab a little extra cash...
Made more than we hoped for, met a new neighborhood couple, and I watched my grandmother play with both my babies.

-Just the right doors have been opened, and just the right ones closed for our 'brand new' life ahead.
I could dance. I could sing. So many weights have been lifted.
Nothing huge has even happened, but I've found this peace I can't even explain.

Our life ahead isn't like what we've been living. Or atleast that's not what I expect. 
Our yard sale was a tiny start. My car is for sale. We're cutting back majorly, and wanna hear something wild? I feel like we've won the lottery. When you make the decision to cut back by putting priorities in order...you don't and won't miss a darn thing. Really, it's not crazy.  
It's our life.
It'll be worth every shiny penny we cut back on.
Just the other day, a sweet friend of mine stopped by to catch some pictures of myself with the kids.
Actually, she's the most wonderful photographer ever, that girl.
I was in a frenzy, not a darn thing in my closet that fits well. Marcy Lane is five months old, and well, baby weight is a tough subject for any mom. 
I made it through 6 days of my 10 day cleanse. By the fourth day, I had already lost five lbs. By day #7, I'd almost withered away from missing my Reese's and craving a margarita.
Hey, I did better than expected.
It was a surprisingly easy cleanse to follow, 
I felt unbelieveably clean of everything I eat on a daily basis. 
For the photo session, dad let me borrow his shutters he was in the middle of painting...
Random, yes, but the perfect prop!
I can't wait to see how they turned out... 

             On this rainy Sunday, the four of us stayed in. We had the laziest of days,but I've enjoyed      every second with them. (Except for the few tantrums thrown.) Marcy's growing so fast, but we're enjoying it! She's been laughing and playing so much more. Brady's been playing the entertainer...which is adorable and scary at the same time. Brian and I have become a strong team towards these babies. While Marcy does no wrong, being the perfect little angel she is, Brady has tested us constantly, while we hold back our laughs or turn our heads, or walk away so we don't lose it completely with him... He's a wild man...and he knows how it all works now. And we're potty training. And I hear Brian snoring now on Brady's monitor ...between work, staying up working on the house, and chasing this crazy child around, I figured he'd be out early... 
   What a wild life that comes with children. But how beautiful to see God unfold a plan for us right before our eyes. Something I could never dream of myself. A gift that we're given as a family tiny pieces at a time. I was rocking Marcy to sleep last night when she looked up at my face. Right into my eyes and I smiled at her, just so thankful for a peaceful moment with my girl...she smiled the biggest smile right back at me, and giggled the sweetest sound. It was a moment only a mother understands, and of course I had that wonderful feeling....God is all around our family. What beautiful blessings He gives us daily. The amount of love I could have for these children I couldn't have ever imagined. Of course the tears came, and my gratitude for this life has grown to become even greater. I'm so excited for the journey ahead as a family of four. The most exciting part is that I've given up planning our life myself. Why do we bother? There are too many precious moments to be lived that we cannot and will not ever be able to create ourselves.
                                   Letting go and living life is where my heart is. 

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