Thursday, January 3, 2013

Her life at home.

    The four of us have been home a whole week.
 As much as I love the hospital and the wonderful staff, what a relief it was to pull into our driveway and know I'm at my favorite place. 
Marcy has done so well here, she's really reacted positively towards a loud brother and two barking dogs. Brady is such a sight to see- he wakes up looking for Marcy and we all four say our prayers together at night. I could just cry thinking about it. I know I've said this a thousand times, but this is everything I've ever wanted. Our family is complete. Watching Brian just gaze at her is a blessing in itself. He's in love with her, just like I pictured. He's a little nervous about her size. Her first appointment to see the doctor was this week, and she has gained weight! She was up to 5lbs 9oz. She's a little difficult to dress because she's at average length, but so skinny! That will change just like Brady showed us! The boys have really enjoyed her being home. But the boys are different, they don't do too well cooped up in a house all day. They've been out and about and around town. Marcy and I have been to see the doctor once. To visit family, and to Target, of course. 
 As for my feelings about a the little lady...
I just really hope I don't come off as one of those mothers,
but she's perfect. Everything about her is perfect.
The day I found out we were having a little girl, besides being the news I was dying to hear, all I could think was ~ I hate pink.
Right now, in one short week, what this little angel has done to me is remarkable.
I've never been so protective in my life over anything. I believe knowing Brady is a boy even puts me at ease knowing he's just not as fragile as a little girl. Things are a lot different than I expected. I'm not sure what it was I was expecting, but it's just wonderful.
This experience after delivery has been everything I could hope for.
I'm losing sleep most definitely, and because of that, I find myself falling asleep in the middle of anything. My mind is a bit jumbled and the thought being extremely productive beyond keeping the babies clean, fed, and happy, and keeping myself alive...seems way too much.
A quiet home is the greatest gift I've been given right now.
It's January I've been telling myself. Keeping my calendar close by keeps me somewhat involved with a routine. I'm still eating chocolate. Resolutions for the new year will have to wait...

I've cleaned out a few drawers of my own while she's sleeping in our bedroom.
Every girl needs a place for her pretty clothes, right? 
I can already imagine now...
just how much fun I'll have shopping for Miss Marcy.
And just so you get a glimpse of my excitement for our little girl,
last night I pulled out my bag of nail polish and well...
my nails are pink!
Here we go, little miss. 

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