Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An organized mess.

From painting shelves...

And Frames...

To our deck becoming an outdoor room...

And organizing the kitchen...

Our house is in the middle of an 
organized mess.
There's no such thing as a plan remaining the same from the get-go. At least not around here. Once we start, the domino effect seems to follow...
Marcy's been asleep in her baby carrier for most the morning. She's lulled to sleep by the sound of drills and hammers. She's such a trooper. I'm printing out organizing tips for the scary toddler closet, making lists for a future IKEA visit, and picturing in my mind moving around living room furniture. Maybe swapping dressers from Brady's room to the living room, how I'm going to organize the office....
and also, thinking how boring it would be to just sit.
I took both babies on a walk around the neighborhood this morning. After almost a year and no exercise, (again, please no judgement...) carrying Marcy, and pushing Brady in the heavy stroller uphill was a quick way to find my calf muscles again...
I'm on day 2 of my calorie counting and baby weight shedding. (That's a project in itself.)

AND... Next week I'm thrilled to start work again! I have a full schedule next week and I'm looking so forward to talking with my sweet clients! 
And maybe...just maybe, falling back into a routine.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

This Saturday.

Maybe some Saturdays were meant to be lazy.
Much of nothing has been accomplished today, but that's fine by me. 
Marcy turned a month old at 2:34 this afternoon 
and I was again reminded that 
learning the art of slowing down 
might be a good thing. 

Brian grabbed the last two old windows for me to add to my next project. I cleaned them as well as a real old window can be cleaned and tonight I'll begin Project #2! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project #1- Closet Made Pantry

FIRST... please don't gasp. Or judge. Please. 
It just sort of happened overnight somehow.
Okay, I'm hoping everyone has a hiding place where they stash the junk that doesn't have a home...
because oh my goodness, it was scary opening this closet door. I was so tired of seeing this awful sight. I was even more tired of our kitchen cabinets being stuffed with random food items. And boxes behind boxes and I could never quite see exactly what we had... it was just time to 
organize the spaces between the kitchen and office. Past time.
So between this time yesterday and today, 
this magical thing happened...

This is the same closet...
in a much happier, organized manner.
I 'm not kidding when I say I breathe easier now.
With the help of Lowes, Target, and most importantly, my husband,
we now have a pantry!!!

Brady's snacks are down low for him to grab...

Even his candy.

Of course, I had to check on Pinterest first to grab a tiny bit of inspiration...because I honestly had no idea where to start. The only thing I did know was that I wanted the shelves painted and moulding added. That was easy enough. Beyond that, I used baskets and trays that I already had, added a few new canisters and a utility shelf finished it. I found a blog on Pinterest that made it ridiculously easy for me to start organizing...Check it out here!

Brady is having a ball helping his
 daddy with things around the house. 

While Brian's projects are huge, like building a deck...it's been far too long since I've started a project myself. I forgot how much I enjoy these things!
 (And how much I love Lowe's.)
 Project #2 coming soon!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let the projects begin!

I think I mentioned I was ready for spring.
Since it's not anywhere close to meeting us, and actually the temperature is dropping, 
spring remains indoors at our place.
 And that means we let the projects begin!

I've decided to paint the front door. An actual color. 
We have so many black accents around this house, it's time to brighten up our space! Even the front door.
So while we have just a small amount of time free before I return to work, and we're able to each have a child to ourselves...the projects begin now.
Marcy is sleeping, while I'm ready to tackle a closet. Our hall closet that collects. absolutely. everything. When we're finished, I'll post before and afters, because it's being transformed from "be careful when you open the door" to a simplified, utilized (and hopefully extremely organized) pantry. We've never had one of those! This will be a treasure... ;)
We're storing every kitchen appliance, utensil, and food item in the few cabinets that we have. This means "buy one, get one free" doesn't apply to us, because the free item 
will have no home in our cabinets. 
A pantry will be amazing.

So here we go, I'd love to bring you some great before and afters...but this may take a lot longer than expected. 
It's bad. Real bad. 
Wish me luck, friends!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time Well Spent.

 My week has been wonderful, in the most wonderful way a mainly rainy, wet week could be. 
Cold, wet days in January have me day dreaming of sunny, warm spring days... so I listened to what my heart told me, and around my house brought a little spring indoors. We finally felt the sunshine, Brady J played outside and soaked up every second. 
A little guy like him just can't stay indoors for an entire week! 
Brian's been working hard around the house while he's been home. He's just the best. He takes such good care of us all, and still finds the time to entertain Brady with building things and playtime. The house is finally looking happier and hopeful for a turning season! I realize it's still January, but ya know, I always look forward to the next season...

  We're finally putting the original windows from my grandparents house to good use in ours, they're too old and perfect not to have around.

I took a day trip to Charlotte last week with my mother and sister-in-law, where we collected lots of "springy" things to bring home. We drove on the coldest, wettest day. We were in search of some sunshine.

I also brought back a new notebook. Like my "home" notebook where our family calendar, meal plans, daily/weekly schedules and holiday planners stay... I found a new one. One that's a little prettier. Like it might have even happier intentions for 2013. 
I've enjoyed being home so much with my family these past few weeks. 
While some stressful moments have definitely made up a portion of these days, we're learning to handle life with two babies as peacemakers. 
We have two Capricorn babies, and as silly as it is believing in your "sign"...
I might need to prepare myself for two very headstrong children.
With two very headstrong parents, I suppose they have no chance.
But the four of us have learned lots about each other in the passing time, 
like the terrible twos have certainly hit home and we have another funny hurdle to jump.

Our days have been filled with happiness and memories that I'll never forget. I've enjoyed cooking more often, and staying up late with Brian. We joke now that we'll never be in bed before midnight again. It's sort of turned into reality. No sleep with two children is no joke.

We also visited Charlotte again yesterday to celebrate Harley Warren's FIRST birthday!
It was so sweet catching up with our dear friends, and always nice to meet new ones. 
Brady had a blast. 

Here we go, beginning a brand new week...
 It seems that every week might get busier and busier from here.
I'm looking forward to being back at work but I sure will miss this precious time spent with my family.

Looks like this may be my blogging style for a while!
Holding my two little monkeys. :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simple Winter Weekend.

    I feel like I've learned so much in these couple weeks with two children.
Patience is definitely one of those things.
Also, budgeting time is a big one.
But the biggest...
Realizing I'm only 25 years old with two babies.
Ive seen both sides, getting married and starting a family young, or taking advantage of the free time to do as you please. Thankfully, God had a plan for Brian and myself and paired us together to enjoy both of these things.
Although we have far less free time than we did before children, we still make time for the things we enjoy. Children don't have to take up your every waking moment. I'm sure now with two babies, finding that extra free time will be more challenging, but it's possible.
I know these days spent at home seem to pass slowly, but before long they'll become just a blur, just like my first days with Brady J. My tiny little one will be three weeks old next Wednesday, but Monday we're taking her in to be weighed once again. She'll hopefully have reached 6lbs by then! She's eating like crazy but not gaining like the doctor wants, so...the appointments continue.

Today is Saturday, it's warmer than usual, so we'll be making the most of it! I know I'd love some fresh air and a walk. And spring, but that's getting ahead of myself. The four of us being together is sweeter than I ever imagined. The boys are outside and Marcy just finished a bottle...so we're headed out ourselves.
Enjoy your weekend, folks! 
(And this warmer weather!)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Those first few weeks.

       Raising a two year old along with a two week old is one of the 
biggest challenges I've yet to face.

Mostly, because of the major lack of sleep. I need my sleep. Along with this, Brady has also decided that 6 am is his new rising hour! I woke up this morning to Brady pulling every wipe out of it's container and rocking Marcy awake. I remember this passing, somewhere around 3 months, when Brady slept soundly through the night and I'd wake a new woman. Not to rush time, but that day will be fantastically celebrated.

   Along with no sleep, of course comes the emotional rollercoaster of hormones, where you even realize you're looney, you cannot stop the tears falling because you accidentally watched the wrong commercial, and then before you know it, you've snapped out of it, and can't believe you even shed a tear in the first place. Having a baby...will...make...you...crazy. 

  Because of these major adjustments the first few weeks after bringing baby home, I'm doing all I can to keep my sanity... I might have a bag of M&M's right beside me, too. Brady is napping now, and Marcy has fallen asleep to the lullaby of Melody Gardot and my fingers typing away. I just can't make myself nap while the sun is shining. My mind is at ease when the house is in order. And things are finished. Let me tell you, I would much rather (and Brian too, I'm positive) my mind be at peace and my body lack sleep than the other way around...

  I just let Marcy try formula after 30 minutes of feeding her myself and seeing that she was still hungry. (Another challenge in itself.) Oh, what a beautiful and difficult two weeks we've seen. I refuse to practice three different feeding methods, every two hours, while keeping up with a two year old...I am not a machine. By the beginning of next week, we'll be seeing the doctor again for Marcy's weight gain and a more definite feeding schedule. 

  All challenges aside, focusing on the big picture here, we have two beautiful, healthy children. We have a toddler who loves on his sister every chance he gets. I have a husband who I couldn't make it through life without, and last but not least...
  the sun is shining, and we have a 
spring-like weekend ahead of us to totally enjoy. 
We'll be spending our Saturday in the sunshine.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I would love to post every precious memory over the past two years, 
but that would just be impossible...
This boy has brought more joy and light to our lives than we could have ever hoped for. 
And just like the saying "Time Flies", our past two years have been a beautiful blur of fun memories made with this little guy. He turned two yesterday, on January 6th, and all he wanted on his special day was to "party party party." Eating cupcakes began at 10 am, so party we did. 
Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet Brady J!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

In the few short days she's been in our arms, she's changed our hearts forever.
I never ever expected my heart to soften like it has.
With a little girl, I have completely melted. 
She's the most beautiful little thing I've ever seen.
Next to the most handsome, of course.
I've kissed her a thousand times, and I'm trying to hold on to her precious little body, her sweet smell, her little squeaks and even her wild scream when she's hungry. 
She's perfect in every single way.
Brady has held her, and loves kissing her head. He helps to dress her and cries when he hears her cry.
He ran into our bedroom first thing this morning asking "Mondie?" Looking for his Marcy girl, just like the rest of us, he is so glad she's here.

Her life at home.

    The four of us have been home a whole week.
 As much as I love the hospital and the wonderful staff, what a relief it was to pull into our driveway and know I'm at my favorite place. 
Marcy has done so well here, she's really reacted positively towards a loud brother and two barking dogs. Brady is such a sight to see- he wakes up looking for Marcy and we all four say our prayers together at night. I could just cry thinking about it. I know I've said this a thousand times, but this is everything I've ever wanted. Our family is complete. Watching Brian just gaze at her is a blessing in itself. He's in love with her, just like I pictured. He's a little nervous about her size. Her first appointment to see the doctor was this week, and she has gained weight! She was up to 5lbs 9oz. She's a little difficult to dress because she's at average length, but so skinny! That will change just like Brady showed us! The boys have really enjoyed her being home. But the boys are different, they don't do too well cooped up in a house all day. They've been out and about and around town. Marcy and I have been to see the doctor once. To visit family, and to Target, of course. 
 As for my feelings about a the little lady...
I just really hope I don't come off as one of those mothers,
but she's perfect. Everything about her is perfect.
The day I found out we were having a little girl, besides being the news I was dying to hear, all I could think was ~ I hate pink.
Right now, in one short week, what this little angel has done to me is remarkable.
I've never been so protective in my life over anything. I believe knowing Brady is a boy even puts me at ease knowing he's just not as fragile as a little girl. Things are a lot different than I expected. I'm not sure what it was I was expecting, but it's just wonderful.
This experience after delivery has been everything I could hope for.
I'm losing sleep most definitely, and because of that, I find myself falling asleep in the middle of anything. My mind is a bit jumbled and the thought being extremely productive beyond keeping the babies clean, fed, and happy, and keeping myself alive...seems way too much.
A quiet home is the greatest gift I've been given right now.
It's January I've been telling myself. Keeping my calendar close by keeps me somewhat involved with a routine. I'm still eating chocolate. Resolutions for the new year will have to wait...

I've cleaned out a few drawers of my own while she's sleeping in our bedroom.
Every girl needs a place for her pretty clothes, right? 
I can already imagine now...
just how much fun I'll have shopping for Miss Marcy.
And just so you get a glimpse of my excitement for our little girl,
last night I pulled out my bag of nail polish and well...
my nails are pink!
Here we go, little miss. 

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