Saturday, December 1, 2012

December First.

 Today is December 1st, and I've accomplished my goal of having Christmas "finished" before it's begun.
We've decorated, bought, wrapped, and next comes the really good part.
The baking, giving, laughing and and lazy nights by the fire.
Hello to the beautiful Christmas season!
What a crazy time of year it's been for us. 
From winding down my work schedule for the holidays and Marcy's arrival, to the Christmas chaos, to "How and when should we celebrate Brady's 2nd birthday?!" to "We'll be delivering your baby 1-2 weeks early." from the doctor. In my mind, the entire house must be ready to welcome her home...
Oh my goodness, what a wild time of year.
Thank goodness for the energy and ability to tackle all of these things!
January will be quite the time to settle down.

Last night, we stayed up a little late. Brian caught himself cleaning and organizing the entire garage while I emptied my dresser drawers and organized my closet. 
Folks, even my husband was hit by the nesting bug.
He calls himself a "lifetime nester". 
I'm so proud!

May I introduce Charlie, our naughty little elf. 
To hear Brady squeal and scream "Chaaa-lie!! Hold You!"
just warms my heart with joy! 
He wants to hug Charlie, his new bud.

Now it's time to enjoy every little magical moment the Christmas season has to offer.
What I want most out of this last month of 2012 is to enjoy moments spent with my family of three!

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