Friday, December 21, 2012

Passing the time.

My last post mentioned "pretty little things" for Marcy.
I found these little beauties while out and about and couldn't help myself.
Girly girl.
But not too girly.
-Will she even tolerate headbands and wraps?-
Because she has a closet full of her big brothers cool clothes to wear.
We're going to have so much fun together.
And I have so much to learn...
I'm learning now that Brady J loves to race things. Cars. Each other. 
He loves to kick and throw anything, just to see how far it'll go.
And more than anything, he loves having you in the floor beside him, playing.
I wonder what Marcy will love. If she'll be independent, as outgoing as Brady (I wonder.)... what kind of hair she'll have... you know, the important things.
I wonder if she'll even like these girly things...
It's beautiful to see their personalities develop into exactly what God intended.

We have five more days and one more closet to clean. 
I have a new project in mind to begin in the new year.
A treasure keepsake for our family.
Finding the time though, will be nearly impossible I imagine...

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