Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brian & Brady before the blog.


Besides the fact, within one week, I've lost sleep, my mind, and my day planner, it's been a pretty good week. I've held it all together until this point, atleast. A month ago my world would've ended without the day planner, but life goes on. I've been incredibly busy at work, and the house has been a disaster! Sunday night, Brian decided to wipe out our closet of anything that is worn during the cold months or anything he doesn't wear anymore. This left him with about eight work shirts and an extremely organized side of the closet. Then, there was my side. Jumping over the huge pile of empty hangers on the floor, I had to start somewhere... It's clean and organized finally, but with any project, it begins a domino effect. I plan to buy a couple shelves for my closet to that I'm not looking at a tall stack of leaning sweaters. I need a couple baskets for scarves, bags, and belts. It's so nice to be able to see clearly the things you have! Next week I begin the kitchen!
   Last night was the first night I've been to bed before midnight in ages. I started to feel the effects of sleep deprivation, and I was wearing down quickly. I was exhausted waking up in the mornings, after getting only 6 hours of sleep every night and running 100 mph all day long for an 18 hour day! Starting tonight, I plan to get in my bed by 10:00 and each thing that didn't get the check on the list can just wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow, my friends, will be such an amazing day. I plan on it. A massage on a Friday afternoon is just the way to wind down my week. Everytime I'm getting a massage, I'm thinking of everything I'd be okay giving up to pay for a massage weekly... I'm off work Saturday and thrilled about it! I'm planning on spending the day with the boys. Shopping in the morning, and sitting my little toosh by the pool the rest of the afternoon :) And dreaming of the vacation plans we make for the end of the summer. Some resort, somewhere...
   If life wasn't passing us by so quickly, maybe I could catch up! I would like to watch another movie one day or something wild like that...but I know I'll one day look back and say "those were the days..." and wish I had stopped looking forward and enjoyed the moment.
    I do enjoy moments like today when I made a recipe from a little cookbook I love! Being at home with Brady all day today was perfect. Not a thing in the world could make me happier. I still feel like I'm getting my energy back, possibly my mind, and soon enough, I'll be blogging again about all kinds of fun things :) Until then, I'm off to catch up with life and spend sweet time with my family!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

In each of us there is a little of all of us.

   I was home alone last night with the little one, and thankful to wake up this morning with a text from my husband saying he made it home safely. (Although he was staying with a friend, he was back in town!) Before I was married I lived alone. I was never nervous to stay alone, and I would often leave my windows open all night, even though I seemed to live in the really overlook the fact it's probably not safe to leave your windows wide open all night during summer. But the sound of crickets, well, it's perfect background noise for a good night's rest. So when Brian left last night, I chose to be a big girl. I've never thought twice about staying alone but when you have a precious little one, many feelings change dramatically. Everyone woke up happy rested...

   With a wedding party, there's always a little anxiety, while fingers are crossed that everything goes as planned and everyone leaves the salon with a great experience. I had two updo's booked Friday afternoon for a wedding party, and the girls were great. Super personalities, easy going, just ready for a fun-filled night! Friday was a success at work. As soon as I drove home, down our street, I saw Brian talking to our neighbors, which by the way, we are incredibly blessed to have such friendly neighbors! (Especially when they have a smile and a drink waiting for you after a long week!) Friday night, we went out to eat with dad. I thought this was funny, I was with Barry, Brian & Brady. My three favorite boys. Friday night was nice though because we were home early enough. But I knew that night I had to get my rest, because on Saturday morning, we had Open House at Emmanuel's...
    Saturday morning started with a rush rush attitude, but I knew once I ordered anything from Starbucks, the morning would turn around nicely. I pull up in the drive-thru to see a little sign for the new Mocha Coconut frap...yes, my morning turned around juuuuust fine. Next thing I know, my first client is leaving, my blowdryer has finally seen it's last blowout, it's so dead. Next client I was in and out and somehow my morning at work is over and I head home to relieve Angela (who was so sweet to watch Brady!) to spend the afternoon cuddled with him, ahhhhh. Before I knew it, it was time to get things together for my night at the Loom. Bartending ;)

I had TOO much fun! The reception was perfect. The five hours I was working somehow seemed like just an hour. Everyone at this reception was so friendly and it was great to spend a little time with the girls too! (I never really know how much "guy time" I've had until I'm around the ladies...) But the more I work around and with people, the more I grow to enjoy them. People are so interesting. In any kind of business, dealing with people can be whatever you make it to be. They can be a pain or a pleasure, it's all in how you see it. I really love people, because I always feel like I take something from just a small conversation. Always learning. That goes with friendships too, new and old. Taking people for their very best... and while I truly had SUCH a hoopla talking to these wonderful people, I was so ready to grab Brady and head home to bed!...

     There is absolutely nothing that can beat the feeling of a hot shower, soft pj's, a warm bed and a good book...nothing! Brady and I finally made it home, happy and safe. Another weekend flew by, but I've still got today. The whole Sunday! Brady is taking his morning nap and I'm just getting started...of course there's always "the list" but that's put on the back burner today. This is the day for my boys. The Sunday plan is to play :) 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Brighter Day.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

   Today was much brighter than yesterday, surely because I was with little Brady J all day long! We were on the go all day today and he was just happy to be. He's finally in bed, but not asleep, his eyes were following me out of the room while he was smiling. What a way to end my day. Still lots of things on my mind but somehow, I swear by the sunshine, I feel much better about it all. I really miss my sister though, but I know she's got her own busy life an hour and a half away. And she's got Josie, her little one ;) 
     I'm not sure how tomorrow is Friday, although I've been begging for the weekend to be here ALL week. No big plans this weekend, which should be so nice! I'm playing "bartender" Saturday night at the LOOM which should be quite the show. I love people (I've learned to love people, I should say) so I'm looking forward to this wedding! 
     Last week I planned to clean out my cluttered closet. I have more reason to now that Gap is taking 30% off your purchase when you bring in clothes you want to rid of :) So no, I still haven't tackled that to-do quite yet. It's more organizing than throwing out...which takes me into another part of the house, the kitchen. Our kitchen cabinets are scary to open. They are in TOTAL need of organization. I bought a new colander today, and I'm excited. It's the small things! Something about the kitchen being full of food, clean and organized, I feel like it sets the house just right. That means cupcakes for Brian and all! (with no icing, that is.)
     So, I'm almost midway in my book now, and enjoying every word so far. Amazing how a book can totally change your perspective on things! I only read in between clients at work and before bed. I can't remember the last time planted myself down to watch tv, and as far as a movie... I did watch a movie while I was pregnant, it was my second trimester and I ate an entire box of Nerds while watching it. So July or August was the last time I've watched a movie! I think it's funny how everyone is so different with everyday things. Like watching a movie... it's not in me to take 2 hours out of my day to look at the tv. But I have clients that tell me that Netflix movies are sent to their playstation!?! Or Wii, or something like that. I have no idea how that all works, I'm perfectly content living simply. (Buying a Nook is even far fetched for me, but I'm considering...) 

      The house is a little cluttered with this and that, bottles need to be washed, diaper bag packed, plants watered, so on and so on. I've got my "mom duties" waiting on me. These days are flying by so fast I can't keep up. July seems so far away, awaiting our vacation to the beach and Brady's first time in the sand :) But I'm not wishing these days away, while even when we have one not so happy day, there are plenty more bright days ahead.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conscience is a man's compass.

     I'm not positive where this post may go, but I do know I have a ton of thoughts floating around in my head. I have a lot on my mind, and I'm going to try to keep the very best attitute towards it all. This picture of Brady is my very favorite right now, it's the most hilarious face I've ever seen. That's also exactly how I feel right now, a little defeat...
     Since the day Brady J was born, something changed in me, as it happens to most moms, where you lose any worry for yourself and your most important priority becomes the little one. At this stage in his life, his biggest worry is a wet diaper, thankfully. So with things changing like they do and Brady growing up before my eyes, I want to make sure that I'm providing the best example for him to follow with each day that he grows. That goes from teaching him how to make decisions in the most responsible manner, to making sure he remembers to brush his teeth before bed. Brady has stolen my heart from day one and I'll make sure that I do everything in my power to be the very best mom I can be in every aspect that he may need me. 
     Even though we listen to our conscience and do what we think is best (if we want to sleep well at night), instances arise where we face yet another battle. In today's case, it's important to me because it involes feelings, which I guess most situations do, otherwise we wouldn't have much of a conscience would we? I absolutely hate to hurt the feelings of anyone. I have, as most everyone has, hurt someones feelings without realizing how harsh words can be. But when the case is fragile and the people near and dear to me are aching, I tend to think, maybe over-think, my words to that person. So that's where I'm at now. Weighing my options. Pro's and con's. To throw in my opinion or stay out completely. What do I do when I truly feel like I can make a difference? What if I make things worse? So this may not be so much conscience issue as it is a need to pray. Because I can only do so much. 
    Today has been one heck of a day. From arriving at work without my phone to driving straight home passing the gas station because I didn't feel like dropping $75 fill up the tank. I mentioned to Brian tonight that exercise would make me feel better, he suggested a glass of wine instead. Neither one happened... 
    Suppose it's time to hit the hay, and realize tomorrow will be a much better day, because days like this are few and far between. Bring it on, sunshine. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.

    A very tall glass of OJ is sitting beside me, and Brady just reached down into my bowl of oatmeal. I'm in pajamas, and plan to stay that way all day. I'm just thankful it's a rainy day here in little ol' Simpsonville. I think I might be sick. Exhausted, really, and allergies have taken over. Should've expected this, the way I've been on the go the past month! These are the days Starbucks should deliver. I'll be just fine by tomorrow (I hope) because I have to. The ladies are counting on me! 

   So this weekend was simply perfect. We had no plans for Friday night when my sweet mother-in-law asked if we'd like to eat Mexican. She always knows the answer to that question, Brian or no Brian, I'm in! He decided to go anyway, despite the rain and along came Andrew and Angela :) A couple of tacos and a margaita later, I was eating an ice cream and candle shopping with Angela. The night ended at our house with a good girl talk about this and that :)

    Saturday morning started early, about 6 a.m. because I was THAT excited to be off from work on a Saturday! I got myself ready, watching Brian sleep as I was hustling around the bedroom getting dressed and picking things up...and it didn't even bother me to see him snooze. I was so excited to be downtown with mom, Ellie & Heather, strolling Brady around on a beautiful Saturday morning. After strolling through the fresh market and checking out Artisphere, we sat down for appetizers and finished our morning downtown at 12 p.m. It was only noon and we had the rest of the day to be out and about! Oh, how I've missed my Saturdays!!! So what did we do? Went shopping for clothes...and stopped for wine ;) Couldn't have been a happier Saturday, because Brady was content strolling around the entire day. 

   Sunday morning came, and it I was nervous from the moment I woke up! It was Brian's birthday and his SURPRISE party!!! I'd gone more than a month keeping this party a secret and I just knew it was bound to slip out sometime today. Brady and I were lazy most of the Sunday, except for a little wagon ride with Lilly. I knew we had a big night ahead! Time rolled around to leave for the party and I was crossing my fingers that things would work out as planned... Brian was dressed and ready to work at the LOOM, not having the slightest clue about his party... needless to say, at the end of the night, Brian had a great time, and a very Happy Birthday! I'm so thankful for our wonderful family and friends who made his birthday so special :) This was an absolutely perfect weekend! 
    So, Monday came quickly, with only short breaks in between clients. I sure was missing Kylie at work, it was too quiet! Such pleasant company yesterday, I'm so blessed with my sweet clients! After a long day, I stopped by the LOOM to scoop up my little Brady and head home. Bathtime, pj's, a lullaby & a bottle...little man was out like a light. So was his mom.
    It's Tuesday and I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. Stuffy, runny nose, watery eyes, achy all over, it's time to rest. My sweet husband just walked in the door with a bag full of things to make me feel better :) My best bet is to get Brady down for a nap and pull out that new book of mine. Forget the dreadful to-do list for today!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stacked, Folded, Labeled Just So...

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

     So this would be my closet (in my dreams...). If I posted a picture of my closet at this moment, it might just scare you to death. It's a mess. It's in no way organized. It's horrible. In my dreams, every piece of clothing will be folded, boxed, labeled, stacked and organized just so. I LOVE to be organized, but then again, who doesn't? I don't need many clothes. I honestly don't WANT many. I would just love to have what's hanging in my closet simple, clean & straightened up! There may always be a project to do around our house like hanging a fixture or getting those paintbrushes ready for color, but I've just realized that the closet is never on the priority list. And it should be. We have a coat closet FULL of coats...for what?? It's May, in the hot & humid South Carolina. I have probably 40 pairs of shoes when I wear... 7. I'm not thrilled to cram new trendy things in my closet anymore. I had my day of platform heels & pencil skirts. Not that I don't love these things, but they're saved in my closet for their own showcase on a special day ;) And no, I'm not comfortable in t-shirts either, I promised myself to never become a mom who let go completely...Believe I'm stuck somewhere in the middle...a place where I'm more happy to organize what I have rather than to keep filling up the space. So that brings me to the project of the week: tackling this chaotic closet of mine. I'm looking at my size 26 & 27 jeans and well, that's about all I'm doing with them. ((They say to patiently take that pregnancy weight off throughout nine months, the amount of time it took to gain. I would call that lazy, but it looks like I'm taking that statement for all it's worth.)) I've only 10 more pounds to drop, which won't happen unless I actually try. That's a story all its own. My love for food, chocolate, it's just too much for me to handle. So back to the topic of organization! Focus, focus, focus.  First on the list I can cross off! Made my donation for the YEAR by cleaning out what I wouldn't wear, what doesn't fit, blah blah. Except for the jeans. I may just have to be realistic, but I'm not throwing in the towel just yet. It's just not fair to have nice clothing if you're not taking care of the things you have now, right?... so that brings me once again to the project of the week... being grateful for what I have by taking special care of my tops, skirts, denim, dresses and my seven pair of shoes.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Every little thing is gonna be alright."

"Dont worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright."

   Today, I wrote a lot of things down in my day planner, marking these important dates lately!  It was Brady's four month well visit to see Dr. Jones at Parkside and the first time we tried spoon-feeding Brady. That was a hoot, let me tell you! So at little B's appointment today, we learned a couple things that were a small concern to us, but were more important than we thought... the nurse measured this and that, and we were surprised to find out what we did! His weight at 15.13 lbs. puts him in the 53 percentile. Length at 25 inches puts him in the 41 percentile. And his head circumference at 17.22 puts him in the 84 percentile. We knew the little fella had a  big noggin' ;) but the doctor informed us that, as this is quite common, he also has Plagiocephaly. This is a condition that can happen especially to "good sleepers"where as the babies skull is still forming rapidly as an infant, they are spending most of their time lying on their backs, putting pressure on their skull, forming a flat spot. So, this has happened to little B. With the blessing of sleeping eleven hours each night, we never considered this a concern! So, as the doctor assured us this is common, I'm slowly taking this in, thinking of the things we'll have to change. There are exercises we can do with Brady, like placing a mobile on the side of his crib to turn his attention to it, making him turn his head from side to side, instead of resting his weight on the back of his head. He needs to be playing more on his tummy (which he hates, but we're going to learn to love it together...) I've researched a little on this condition as it progresses further and the steps we'll have to take if things don't improve from here. Dr. Jones planned on seeing him at six months, like normal, and taking things from there. If things aren't looking the way they should, we may be seeing a specialist. I know this is common, many moms have gone through this, but as a first time mom, I freaking just a little. The doctor will be keeping an eye on things, as he's seen this a hundred times I'm sure.  Praying that in two months things look up and Brady won't have to go through more than he needs to. 
    On a lighter note, the sweet baby cried for all of five seconds after his shots! I'm so proud of him. I'm so grateful for our nurses and doctors at Parkside Pediatrics, too. They are so understanding and helpful, I'm so thankful to be a patient in my opinion to the BEST Pediatrician around! Our day was very good together, we took a nap at 1:00 until about 3:30, and believe me, we both needed it...I feel like lately there is just TOO much to do, I need a day to clear my head, get things organized and start over! I've got an insanely busy day at work tomorrow, I better get scootin' if I want to catch up any in my book! Goodnight all!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh, happy weekend!

Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention.

     If I posted every wonderful thing that happened this weekend, it would end with me looking just like the picture above! It started with two margaritas on Thursday night to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with friends, to road trippin' it Charlotte to visit our friends Heather & Eric and see their GORGEOUS new home, to seriously getting lost for the second time on the way home from Charlotte (it's much easier than you think, but just as funny (the second time))...and celebrating my first Mother's Day today! It was such a FUN weekend! In Charlotte, Heather and I took Brady to the Strawberry Festival in Fort Mill :) It couldn't have been a more beautiful, sunny day. Brady was happy in the sunshine as we strolled around the fair, and in the shade to "picnic". I was so busy, I honestly forgot to take my camera around with me in NC, which breaks my heart. Heather took plenty of great pictures, though, which I hope she shares with me!! Brian and Eric played golf for the day and by the evening on Saturday, we were all too exhausted to carry on much of a conversation at dinner! Visiting them really made my heart smile, because I forgot just how close we all were years ago. I love them and missed them so! On the way home from Charlotte, we were so sleepy that I made myself stay awake to keep an eye on Brian...he was starting to blink slower and slower as I believe he was falling asleep at the wheel! It woke him up a little, though it made him rather angry, when we realized we were both so tired, we missed an exit, and we were headed to Columbia. It would've been a bummer if it were the first time, but this was the second time this has actually happened. I won't go into detail, only because I rather not make myself seem as clueless as getting lost made me really feel. Anyway, we were lost. We missed an exit. We were headed completely out of our way with the gas light on bright, every gas station we exited for was shut down and grown over, baby was starting to wake up...home never seemed so far away! As soon we we pulled into the drive at, oh, around 1:30 a.m., I was so excited to be home that it didn't take much for me to get to work as I walked through that door. Start laundry, wash bottles, pack the diaper bag, get things ready for Mother's Day with the family, tidy up the house...even being in the wee hours of the morning :) 
   Waking up this morning, being my very first Mother's Day, I was in store for more than I could've imagined! We had plans to meet the family at P.Simpson's for brunch, mimosas and all ;) Brian walked into the bedroom with two cards and a box. I opened up the first card from Brady, which, before I read half the card, I was running for a tissue. He handed me a card from himself & a gift card so that I can go shopping! ...then handed me a box. It held a beautiful Garnet stone ring with diamonds surrounding the stone. Garnet being Brady's birth stone and the diamonds Brian actually had made from another piece of jewelry he gifted me. This ring means more to me then I can explain! It's a beautiful reminder of my many MANY blessings and happy moments with my two sweet boys. I would've never picked this piece out myself, but I am so proud to call it mine! I spent the afternoon doing the one thing I wanted most to do this Mother's Day. Fall asleep beside my little Brady. We napped for about an hour and a half together! Perfect, perfect day. 
    So this weekend is over before I know it! It was so happy, all around, from catching up with the Warrens to waking up this morning with my boys. I've been feeling lately like my life is a race! I feel like I'm going faster and faster everyday. I've got one hundred new things on my to-do list each morning, and by time to settle in for the night, my mind starts racing again to tackle the next day. I know that things wont slow down until I make them myself, so that's my goal for this week. To slow things down, enjoy every happy moment & push those chores away until later! Life is just passing by too quickly, with last Friday being Brady's fourth month! Where has the time gone? It'll only slow down when I slow down... 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A yawn is a silent shout.

A yawn is a silent shout.

  Bored! Yes, I was COMPLETELY sick & tired of my long, boring, flat, lifeless, frizzy, damaged hair. I was tired of working up a sweat to get it dry. I was tired of waking up in the morning with ends that felt like straw. I was tired of having long hair because "that's the style now." So this is my "short" hair. Short to me! The length is a little shorter in the back to add a little more to it...  ;)  I've got a color idea in mind to add a little more spunk and funk, but that'll come later...or I may just do it myself, who knows! I'm thrilled to have finally done it. I'm so over long hair, not because it's not beautiful, I think it can be gorgeous, but very few people have the right texture to pull it being one of them. Although God blessed me with lots of wave, it's fine & well, I now have half the hair I did during pregnancy. It's life. I apologize for the ridiculous picture of me, alone in the bathroom, with my camera. I feel like all I needed to make it better is a little cleavage, a hand on my hip and kissy lips!... kidding. 

    So this was my big event of the day! Totally should've taken a before and after, I probably cut 6" or more off the back. I cant wait to go to sleep with a wet head and wake up with messy, fun hair in the morning.You probably wont be taking much from this post, but I was asked to post a picture, so this is it! Be different, don't follow the crowd, do your own thing, and be proud of it too!...Even if it IS as simple as cutting that mop of yours ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Home Sweet Home"

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.

     This would be our most colorful room, painted bright orange, partially for our love for Clemson! ...and maybe just because it's such a happy color! As you see here, the frame in the middle is empty. I sat the frame face down on the tile floor and CRACK. So smart on my part. Our house is coming together slowly but surely, there's always something to do. Even if you think it's finished, it's likely it's only the beginning... I love our house because it's filled with all my favorite things. Except the "man cave", but whatever goes in that room is fine with me, the door stays closed ;) That's B's room, all to himself to do whatever he wants. In my opinion, a home is a palette for the lady to splash with color! Of course, there are always suggestions given by the boys, like "we need stainless steel. We don't need curtains." And my favorite, "A rug would just get in the way." So, the living room that would be so warm and cozy with a rug, has never and will never see a rug! The dining rug. Our bedroom, bare. Much easier to clean the floors, but the texture that a rug adds to a room, is replaced by pillows, throws & curtain panels. Ahhh, that "give and take" rule. 
    When we first moved in, my color palette consisted of 1. Barnwood 2. Khaki 3. Natural 4. Stone Brown. Earthy, earthy, earthy. Mainly because we moved from an 800 sq.ft. closet of a home to a 2200 sq.ft. MANSION it seemed like! We had little to no furniture to fill up our space, and what we did have was either floral, metallic or anything "shabby chic". NOT what Brian wanted to wake up to every morning. So, with his heavy opinions and hatred toward my girly decor, we painted everything with natural colors, we bought very modern furniture, and we crossed a rug off our "to-buy" lists. Our house was slowly becoming a man cave entirely.
    February 5th of 2009, we closed on our new house and were completely grateful for our snow white carpet and minty green walls that came along with buying our house. Our mauve countertops & blue kitchen, red living room & green dining room, all clashing together. Our butter yellow bathroom and mirrored shelving. It all was OURS! LOL :)
    The carpet was ripped up before we even moved things in, and the mirrors were pulled down. The cabinets were painted, hardware changed, the countertops were finally COVERED. Things were getting done!! So we've been here two years and we're enjoying every minute in our space. There is nothing in the entire world like home, especially when it's filled with everything from your favorite colors to pictures of your family together. When it finally becomes your own! Combining new and old things, bright and dull things, rough with smooth things, it's all about the personality!
    Brian came home, so tired and worn out, but still continued to cross things off that list. Frames on the wall and all. Such a great husband. It's been a long day, and I'm getting more and more sleepy as the minutes pass. Thanks to Miss Ashley, it looks like it's time for me to get ready for a good night's rest and crawl into our brand new-to-us bedroom furniture that I've fallen in love with :) Goodnight!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday's Pickin' Time

Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

     Yesterday was the best Saturday I've had in a long time! I "worked" just a little in the morning. Had two  awesome clients, so that makes any morning fantastic! I left work, headed straight home, windows down because it was a BEAUTIFUL day! I was anxious to see how the boys were :) Brian had loaded Brady up and headed for his usual Saturday morning breakfast drive-thru...Cajun Filet Combo & a large sweet tea, please :) After being home for a bit I threw on a pair of shorts and flats and we headed to a little place that made my heart smile. I'm not sure how Brian knows this man, but he was so friendly and generous to show us all around his property. He told us stories of his childhood growing up, stories behind signs, pictures, and how his findings are used as props and backdrops in movies. Just talking to someone who has the stories and knowledge of things that interest you, and to know that he sees something old, rusty & abandoned and he has the vision to see it revived again, definitely made for an enjoyable afternoon! This man built a barn, (I dont think calling it a "barn" is fair, I would gladly LIVE in this building I think it's so uncommon to see places like this!) and it happened to just grab my attention as soon as I laid eyes on it! 

   We walked all around his property looking at this and that (all the while my legs are completely covered in mosquito bites, which I ignore, because I'm so excited to be exploring through this guy's trash & treasures) and I finally had the feeling back again of the thrill of the hunt ;) Although I've never done exactly this before, learning the difference between porcelain, plastic & the quality of these things, it was so exciting to learn something new! I ran across a huge picture of the original Gerber baby, which is signed by Ann Turner Cook, and had to ask about it. Well he had a story about that, too. This man was so fascinating to listen to because I could see his relation to every single thing he collected. So as we walked, we found our treasures and took them home! I'm so excited to have a little "conversation piece" as he called it, in our house! We drove home, unloaded our finds and it was time to get myself together for a little sushi, drinks and catching up with friends! Yes, the day got even BETTER! So to end this post with a little smile, I'm so very thankful for my thoughtful husband who took us here and made my Saturday so happy. He also, while I was out with the girls, put Brady to sleep, and oh, painted the kitchen, too. (with much thanks to Andrew, too!) I know no one is perfect, but he's pretty darn close, to me. ;) A beautiful Saturday, if there ever was one! 

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