Monday, December 10, 2012

A Sweet Waiting Game.

This picture says so much to me,
he had just a little silly moment
but there are few pictures that can 
warm my heart like this one can.

A little update around the house-
Brian's added a little touch of Christmas to our home!
(Thank you love, it looks beautiful.)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love being home?
That's a good thing, because I'll be spending lots of time here soon.

My hands and feet are swelling, doctors visits are happening twice weekly, and once again, we're waiting to hear more news on Thursday about Marcy's growth and a delivery date. Her NST results have been a positive thing, so now, we wait to hear an opinion Thursday!

Brady has shown so much excitement over bringing "Mondie" home. He hugs my belly first thing in the morning, he gives her kisses. He loves hanging out in her room with me, organizing her things.
Why can't these precious moments be bottled somehow? 
You know, saved for a rainy day and a sweet memories.
He just amazes me everyday. 

All of these moments, these memories that are made only once, have left such a spot in my heart, all I can say is just how grateful I am for this life He's blessed us with.
I'm just so happy.

Besides the peacefulness of this season, a brand new member of our family and Christmastime, I've undoubtedly lost my mind...
I totally missed another appointment I had today.
I forget anything and everything, and the thought of no sleep at all on its way makes me feel even more out of sorts! Life goes on whether I remember things or not. I feel like I apologize to Brian constantly for taking the wheel when I fall short of my duties... he's just more than I could ever ask for.

So here we go, waiting for the big news on Thursday!

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