Friday, August 31, 2012

Let Go & Learn.

Brady Jameson has taught us plenty this week.
One short week has indeed been a wild one, with lessons attached.

Funniest experience this week happened this morning.
It's time for the potty watch. He screams "UH OH!!" when it happens.
And it's not like I know a thing about potty training or how to start. 
Just tried sitting him on the potty for the first time. 
So, that's that, and wish me luck for the future.

Miss Marcy has only four months until her arrival. Bless her soul, she'll be making an entrance at just the right time with Brady experiencing potty training, "the terrible two's" everyone talks about, and every other hilarious adventure she'll be witnessing.

Within one short week, I feel like life happened 
and that might be one of the first times I've let it. 
See, I'm a planner. I'm an organizer. And I'm pretty darn predictable. 
 So, to let this week slide by without tackling every to-do on my list has not only been SO frustrating, 
it's been a lesson I didn't mean to teach myself. 
How about that. 
But it felt so good to let go.

I've contained my frustration, held my tongue, and showed a loving act out of anger this week.
It was the most difficult, freeing experience ever. 
And it's something I want to work on...
I'm learning to let go of everything that's already out of my control. 
It's going to be a hard habit to break. 

But patience, persistence, love, forgiveness & kindness are a few things that gleam from a loving wife and mother, right? 
I want to be all those things for Brian, Brady & Marcy.
Or try my best, at the very least.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Matter How You Say It.

No Matter How You Say It...

He's 19 Months.
He's a Year and a Half.
He's just a toddler.

He's not a baby anymore.
But, let's not shed any tears (yet
because the best is yet to come, right?!

A family of four, with a precious little girl is something we've never experienced.
The best is yet to come!

As these last few months pass so quickly, I'm trying to hold on to every beautiful moment our family of three shares together. Our quiet time swinging on the front porch. Playing ball in the backyard. Still rocking Brady to sleep, although he's fighting it. 
A beautiful "big boy" bed is waiting to be set up, all for him.
And deep down, I'm fighting as hard as I can to keep calm and hold the tears, because my little darlin' is growing up. I'm treasuring every kiss I'm lucky enough to get.
And in 4 short months, 
our lives will change all over again.  
Ready or not...

So no matter how we say it, and even though we'd rather not admit it,
WE are growing older, our babies will no longer be babies, and what choice do we have but to 
hold on to every precious moment God gives us?

I, as a proud mama, have to share his new little thing.
He grabs my hands and kisses them. He kisses my fingers and my wrists.
And I absolutely melt, every time.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Slowing down.

This weekend, the laziest of weekends, has done our family well.
Being a housewife and handyman have sort of consumed our weekends. But this weekend, we chose to forget about the work. 
And try relaxing, instead. 
We both did very well, I think.

It whispered "What does it really matter, love?" 
That's how Brady J had a cookie in each hand for breakfast both yesterday and today. 
It's been quite a while since our schedules were clear. 
Like a gift that I rarely see, so my job is to make the most of its appearance.

I probably accomplished more this weekend than I can see,
but I know how truly desperate our family was needing to slow down. 
It was good for the soul.
For all four of us.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My better half.

My 17th Birthday 



I sure hope he doesn't kill me for posting this.
Ever since we met, (I think I was just learning to drive!) Brian Cox has brightened each one of my days. It was more than the "dating years", actually it was more like falling into the "I can't live without you" years. Of course we couldn't admit that to each other, but it was obvious.
And of course, we broke things off a hundred times, tried dating other people, which ended up one big fat joke.
I called Brian to save me from the worst date of my life.
He was there as soon as I called.
He answered my call when he was on a date, too.
He's my hero, really. 
Always was, and always will be.

He tells me I'm beautiful every single day.
Has always put me first.
He's always made sure our needs are met before his own.
That Brady and I have the best we can have.
He will always take care of us.

I've tried avoiding sappy things lately, only because tears are a second away.
I just thought you folks should know 
just how proud I am to be his wife.
I've learned so much from him, and I hope our children learn so much from him too.

I've never met a man like Brian.
I know I never will, either.
My better half.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Humor in the phases.

He's been a big help when a craving hits. We share our "kiki's" together.

I knew it was bound to happen sooner than later. 
The "terrible two's" are highly understated.
If anything is slightly attainable, Brady Jameson will find a way. 
Yes, it's cute and it's funny and there have been times when I hold back a laugh 
while I find the spank stick. 
(Which happens to be a paint stirrer.) 

He's just a toddler.
We've been reading up on him. Dr. James Dobson assures us that all toddlers act this way.
I'm still doubtful.
But, despite all of his little pranks, like hiding keys and unplugging our computer, 
that little smile of his still works like a charm.

Then Miss Marcy Lane is along for the wild ride too.
Truth be told about second pregnancies...
Your clothes get way too snug, way too fast.
There is hardly time to shop for maternity clothes. Good luck making what's in your closet work.
Brian's oxfords are my new best friends.
You're still trying to learn about baby #1, while baby #2 is halfway here.
And, finally....
There's YOU.
And the pregnant YOU.
When your half your brain shuts down, but you're still expected to think straight.
...and then you remember you're pregnant.

If you have a sense of humor, by all means will you enjoy your children and the crazy person they turn you into. Life changes in every single way. But it's just a phase. And phases are meant to bring wisdom, and a little more humor to your life.

Next week, I'll be halfway through my pregnancy. 
Boy, does time fly.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When you lose your mind.

          These are the type of mornings I'm wide awake. It's 7 am, I'm ready for the day, which happens to be a soaking wet & rainy one. Brian and Brady are still asleep and I didn't sleep a wink. Halfway because everything on my body aches when I try to sleep these days, and the other half because I have this guilty feeling lately that parenting is way more than we're capable of.
         I know no parent is perfect, and children are born ready to be molded into civilized little beings. Lately that doesn't even seem tangible. I know it's a phase. Brady will pass right through it, and I'll forget about these long, exhausting days in a year or two. How is it that a 24 year old can feel controlled by an 18 month old?! These reasons are what my tired brain has come up with: I love that child more than life itself. What parent doesn't want to enjoy every second with their little one? It's time that parenting and discipline come before playtime. Bummer. Second, I don't want to spank. (Not that he even notices the sting, that rough little boy.) I would love for time-out to do the trick. Brady's ways are way beyond my knowledge...I never thought the day would come when it would truly be difficult to even think of a solution.

      You must be laughing, whether you've raised children or not. I feel so lost! I've heard most parents go through this, which does make me feel better. And not so crazy. At the end of the day, I want to know I'm leading Brady in the right direction and doing what's best for him, even if it is making him stand in a corner. (I can't wait for the days where I can make him write 100 times what he did wrong. I think mom always got a kick out of that!)'s another new day. One cup of coffee in my system. And a long workday ahead. My sweet Marcy is already getting the raw end of the deal...

     The truth is- Every mother is crazy. Even a lady at the grocery store yesterday noticed. She simply said "I hope your day gets better." And all I could do was laugh. We're all crazy! Trying to hold on to what's left of yourself, after giving everything you've got to your children, husband, work, home...and then remembering you've got another bun in the oven that's due right in the eye of the storm. 
The terrible two's. 

    And from all these messy, crazy words you've read, I want you to know one thing...
I wouldn't trade this wonderful life for anything in the world. 

If you're not a mother just juuuuust wait. You'll be just as crazy as all of us crazies one day.

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