Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday's Pickin' Time

Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

     Yesterday was the best Saturday I've had in a long time! I "worked" just a little in the morning. Had two  awesome clients, so that makes any morning fantastic! I left work, headed straight home, windows down because it was a BEAUTIFUL day! I was anxious to see how the boys were :) Brian had loaded Brady up and headed for his usual Saturday morning breakfast drive-thru...Cajun Filet Combo & a large sweet tea, please :) After being home for a bit I threw on a pair of shorts and flats and we headed to a little place that made my heart smile. I'm not sure how Brian knows this man, but he was so friendly and generous to show us all around his property. He told us stories of his childhood growing up, stories behind signs, pictures, and how his findings are used as props and backdrops in movies. Just talking to someone who has the stories and knowledge of things that interest you, and to know that he sees something old, rusty & abandoned and he has the vision to see it revived again, definitely made for an enjoyable afternoon! This man built a barn, (I dont think calling it a "barn" is fair, I would gladly LIVE in this building I think it's so uncommon to see places like this!) and it happened to just grab my attention as soon as I laid eyes on it! 

   We walked all around his property looking at this and that (all the while my legs are completely covered in mosquito bites, which I ignore, because I'm so excited to be exploring through this guy's trash & treasures) and I finally had the feeling back again of the thrill of the hunt ;) Although I've never done exactly this before, learning the difference between porcelain, plastic & the quality of these things, it was so exciting to learn something new! I ran across a huge picture of the original Gerber baby, which is signed by Ann Turner Cook, and had to ask about it. Well he had a story about that, too. This man was so fascinating to listen to because I could see his relation to every single thing he collected. So as we walked, we found our treasures and took them home! I'm so excited to have a little "conversation piece" as he called it, in our house! We drove home, unloaded our finds and it was time to get myself together for a little sushi, drinks and catching up with friends! Yes, the day got even BETTER! So to end this post with a little smile, I'm so very thankful for my thoughtful husband who took us here and made my Saturday so happy. He also, while I was out with the girls, put Brady to sleep, and oh, painted the kitchen, too. (with much thanks to Andrew, too!) I know no one is perfect, but he's pretty darn close, to me. ;) A beautiful Saturday, if there ever was one! 

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