Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Every little thing is gonna be alright."

"Dont worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright."

   Today, I wrote a lot of things down in my day planner, marking these important dates lately!  It was Brady's four month well visit to see Dr. Jones at Parkside and the first time we tried spoon-feeding Brady. That was a hoot, let me tell you! So at little B's appointment today, we learned a couple things that were a small concern to us, but were more important than we thought... the nurse measured this and that, and we were surprised to find out what we did! His weight at 15.13 lbs. puts him in the 53 percentile. Length at 25 inches puts him in the 41 percentile. And his head circumference at 17.22 puts him in the 84 percentile. We knew the little fella had a  big noggin' ;) but the doctor informed us that, as this is quite common, he also has Plagiocephaly. This is a condition that can happen especially to "good sleepers"where as the babies skull is still forming rapidly as an infant, they are spending most of their time lying on their backs, putting pressure on their skull, forming a flat spot. So, this has happened to little B. With the blessing of sleeping eleven hours each night, we never considered this a concern! So, as the doctor assured us this is common, I'm slowly taking this in, thinking of the things we'll have to change. There are exercises we can do with Brady, like placing a mobile on the side of his crib to turn his attention to it, making him turn his head from side to side, instead of resting his weight on the back of his head. He needs to be playing more on his tummy (which he hates, but we're going to learn to love it together...) I've researched a little on this condition as it progresses further and the steps we'll have to take if things don't improve from here. Dr. Jones planned on seeing him at six months, like normal, and taking things from there. If things aren't looking the way they should, we may be seeing a specialist. I know this is common, many moms have gone through this, but as a first time mom, I freaking just a little. The doctor will be keeping an eye on things, as he's seen this a hundred times I'm sure.  Praying that in two months things look up and Brady won't have to go through more than he needs to. 
    On a lighter note, the sweet baby cried for all of five seconds after his shots! I'm so proud of him. I'm so grateful for our nurses and doctors at Parkside Pediatrics, too. They are so understanding and helpful, I'm so thankful to be a patient in my opinion to the BEST Pediatrician around! Our day was very good together, we took a nap at 1:00 until about 3:30, and believe me, we both needed it...I feel like lately there is just TOO much to do, I need a day to clear my head, get things organized and start over! I've got an insanely busy day at work tomorrow, I better get scootin' if I want to catch up any in my book! Goodnight all!

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