Friday, April 29, 2011

Left the doctor with a grin!

Each child is an adventure into a better life -an opportunity to change the old pattern and make it new.

      When I glance at my schedule for the day, written on paper, it rarely ever goes as planned. Everything usually gets the check but of course, plans always change! Yesterday morning when I took Brady to work, I was feeding him before my client came in. When I was holding his head, I felt something funny and turned him around but didn't see anything. I felt again, and something felt like a small knot behind his ear...
I would like to think there's nothing wrong, that it'll go away, but since becoming a mother, there is always that "what if" factor, and taking baby to the doctor was my first instinct. I cant stand going to the doctor. I absolutely LOVE our doctors though, the entire office is absolutely wonderful at Parkside. So friendly and helpful. Just a bother to make the appointment, sit and wait... blah blah... When it comes to baby though, we do what we have to do :) So we stripped baby down to the diaper, took his weight ...AND....14.6lbs!! Chunky little fella, I'm so proud of him. Such a happy, healthy baby. The doctor took a look behind Brady's ear and didn't seem concerned at all. A swollen lymph node. He told us that a lot of times, when things with the body are stressed (even skin issues as small as cradle cap) that the body has many lymph nodes to fight off infection. In Brady's case, he was a little swollen because of his sensitive skin. He was blessed with mom's sensitive skin. Poor, poor baby. First trip to the doctor for a concern and everything turned out just fine, I believe we should be very thankful!! The plan wasn't to go to the doctor today, it was actually to attend a funeral for a dear friend of the family. I had every intention of being at this ceremony, even cancelled clients appointments, which I hate doing. Once my schedule was planned for the day, and this came up with the little guy, there was no question, B had to see the doctor. Not only did Brady leave with a smile, but I did too, because my amazing husband makes sure to be with us at every appointment. We are so blessed to have Brian as a husband & daddy :) So, the day winds down with yet another blessing, Brady Jameson is still a healthy (quite healthy) 14.6lb sweet little boy. He'll be four months old next week, which blows me away. Time flies by entirely too fast! Everyday is becoming more and more fun with my boys. We have so many fun plans together :) Tomorrow is our first family "Pickin'" experience. I CANNOT WAIT!! Brian and I love to watch the show American Pickers. These guys go out and find treasures in a pile of junk. So that's just what we plan to do tomorrow, find fun treasures to bring home with us :) Brian has just the place scoped out to visit, hopefully we'll find some pretty funky things! We also have some other tasks for the weekend like painting in the kitchen, hanging new frames, etc, etc...always changing things up 'round here. :) Hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead, and if you don't, plan one!!!

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  1. i am so jealous that you went pickin!!!!! i LOVE that show..and would love to be a professional picker (if there really is such a thing!) haha (: your family is precious & i've enjoyed readin' about y'all while we're out on the trail!


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