Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brian & Brady before the blog.


Besides the fact, within one week, I've lost sleep, my mind, and my day planner, it's been a pretty good week. I've held it all together until this point, atleast. A month ago my world would've ended without the day planner, but life goes on. I've been incredibly busy at work, and the house has been a disaster! Sunday night, Brian decided to wipe out our closet of anything that is worn during the cold months or anything he doesn't wear anymore. This left him with about eight work shirts and an extremely organized side of the closet. Then, there was my side. Jumping over the huge pile of empty hangers on the floor, I had to start somewhere... It's clean and organized finally, but with any project, it begins a domino effect. I plan to buy a couple shelves for my closet to that I'm not looking at a tall stack of leaning sweaters. I need a couple baskets for scarves, bags, and belts. It's so nice to be able to see clearly the things you have! Next week I begin the kitchen!
   Last night was the first night I've been to bed before midnight in ages. I started to feel the effects of sleep deprivation, and I was wearing down quickly. I was exhausted waking up in the mornings, after getting only 6 hours of sleep every night and running 100 mph all day long for an 18 hour day! Starting tonight, I plan to get in my bed by 10:00 and each thing that didn't get the check on the list can just wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow, my friends, will be such an amazing day. I plan on it. A massage on a Friday afternoon is just the way to wind down my week. Everytime I'm getting a massage, I'm thinking of everything I'd be okay giving up to pay for a massage weekly... I'm off work Saturday and thrilled about it! I'm planning on spending the day with the boys. Shopping in the morning, and sitting my little toosh by the pool the rest of the afternoon :) And dreaming of the vacation plans we make for the end of the summer. Some resort, somewhere...
   If life wasn't passing us by so quickly, maybe I could catch up! I would like to watch another movie one day or something wild like that...but I know I'll one day look back and say "those were the days..." and wish I had stopped looking forward and enjoyed the moment.
    I do enjoy moments like today when I made a recipe from a little cookbook I love! Being at home with Brady all day today was perfect. Not a thing in the world could make me happier. I still feel like I'm getting my energy back, possibly my mind, and soon enough, I'll be blogging again about all kinds of fun things :) Until then, I'm off to catch up with life and spend sweet time with my family!

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