Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh, happy weekend!

Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention.

     If I posted every wonderful thing that happened this weekend, it would end with me looking just like the picture above! It started with two margaritas on Thursday night to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with friends, to road trippin' it Charlotte to visit our friends Heather & Eric and see their GORGEOUS new home, to seriously getting lost for the second time on the way home from Charlotte (it's much easier than you think, but just as funny (the second time))...and celebrating my first Mother's Day today! It was such a FUN weekend! In Charlotte, Heather and I took Brady to the Strawberry Festival in Fort Mill :) It couldn't have been a more beautiful, sunny day. Brady was happy in the sunshine as we strolled around the fair, and in the shade to "picnic". I was so busy, I honestly forgot to take my camera around with me in NC, which breaks my heart. Heather took plenty of great pictures, though, which I hope she shares with me!! Brian and Eric played golf for the day and by the evening on Saturday, we were all too exhausted to carry on much of a conversation at dinner! Visiting them really made my heart smile, because I forgot just how close we all were years ago. I love them and missed them so! On the way home from Charlotte, we were so sleepy that I made myself stay awake to keep an eye on Brian...he was starting to blink slower and slower as I believe he was falling asleep at the wheel! It woke him up a little, though it made him rather angry, when we realized we were both so tired, we missed an exit, and we were headed to Columbia. It would've been a bummer if it were the first time, but this was the second time this has actually happened. I won't go into detail, only because I rather not make myself seem as clueless as getting lost made me really feel. Anyway, we were lost. We missed an exit. We were headed completely out of our way with the gas light on bright, every gas station we exited for was shut down and grown over, baby was starting to wake up...home never seemed so far away! As soon we we pulled into the drive at, oh, around 1:30 a.m., I was so excited to be home that it didn't take much for me to get to work as I walked through that door. Start laundry, wash bottles, pack the diaper bag, get things ready for Mother's Day with the family, tidy up the house...even being in the wee hours of the morning :) 
   Waking up this morning, being my very first Mother's Day, I was in store for more than I could've imagined! We had plans to meet the family at P.Simpson's for brunch, mimosas and all ;) Brian walked into the bedroom with two cards and a box. I opened up the first card from Brady, which, before I read half the card, I was running for a tissue. He handed me a card from himself & a gift card so that I can go shopping! ...then handed me a box. It held a beautiful Garnet stone ring with diamonds surrounding the stone. Garnet being Brady's birth stone and the diamonds Brian actually had made from another piece of jewelry he gifted me. This ring means more to me then I can explain! It's a beautiful reminder of my many MANY blessings and happy moments with my two sweet boys. I would've never picked this piece out myself, but I am so proud to call it mine! I spent the afternoon doing the one thing I wanted most to do this Mother's Day. Fall asleep beside my little Brady. We napped for about an hour and a half together! Perfect, perfect day. 
    So this weekend is over before I know it! It was so happy, all around, from catching up with the Warrens to waking up this morning with my boys. I've been feeling lately like my life is a race! I feel like I'm going faster and faster everyday. I've got one hundred new things on my to-do list each morning, and by time to settle in for the night, my mind starts racing again to tackle the next day. I know that things wont slow down until I make them myself, so that's my goal for this week. To slow things down, enjoy every happy moment & push those chores away until later! Life is just passing by too quickly, with last Friday being Brady's fourth month! Where has the time gone? It'll only slow down when I slow down... 

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