Monday, May 2, 2011

"Home Sweet Home"

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.

     This would be our most colorful room, painted bright orange, partially for our love for Clemson! ...and maybe just because it's such a happy color! As you see here, the frame in the middle is empty. I sat the frame face down on the tile floor and CRACK. So smart on my part. Our house is coming together slowly but surely, there's always something to do. Even if you think it's finished, it's likely it's only the beginning... I love our house because it's filled with all my favorite things. Except the "man cave", but whatever goes in that room is fine with me, the door stays closed ;) That's B's room, all to himself to do whatever he wants. In my opinion, a home is a palette for the lady to splash with color! Of course, there are always suggestions given by the boys, like "we need stainless steel. We don't need curtains." And my favorite, "A rug would just get in the way." So, the living room that would be so warm and cozy with a rug, has never and will never see a rug! The dining rug. Our bedroom, bare. Much easier to clean the floors, but the texture that a rug adds to a room, is replaced by pillows, throws & curtain panels. Ahhh, that "give and take" rule. 
    When we first moved in, my color palette consisted of 1. Barnwood 2. Khaki 3. Natural 4. Stone Brown. Earthy, earthy, earthy. Mainly because we moved from an 800 sq.ft. closet of a home to a 2200 sq.ft. MANSION it seemed like! We had little to no furniture to fill up our space, and what we did have was either floral, metallic or anything "shabby chic". NOT what Brian wanted to wake up to every morning. So, with his heavy opinions and hatred toward my girly decor, we painted everything with natural colors, we bought very modern furniture, and we crossed a rug off our "to-buy" lists. Our house was slowly becoming a man cave entirely.
    February 5th of 2009, we closed on our new house and were completely grateful for our snow white carpet and minty green walls that came along with buying our house. Our mauve countertops & blue kitchen, red living room & green dining room, all clashing together. Our butter yellow bathroom and mirrored shelving. It all was OURS! LOL :)
    The carpet was ripped up before we even moved things in, and the mirrors were pulled down. The cabinets were painted, hardware changed, the countertops were finally COVERED. Things were getting done!! So we've been here two years and we're enjoying every minute in our space. There is nothing in the entire world like home, especially when it's filled with everything from your favorite colors to pictures of your family together. When it finally becomes your own! Combining new and old things, bright and dull things, rough with smooth things, it's all about the personality!
    Brian came home, so tired and worn out, but still continued to cross things off that list. Frames on the wall and all. Such a great husband. It's been a long day, and I'm getting more and more sleepy as the minutes pass. Thanks to Miss Ashley, it looks like it's time for me to get ready for a good night's rest and crawl into our brand new-to-us bedroom furniture that I've fallen in love with :) Goodnight!

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