Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stacked, Folded, Labeled Just So...

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

     So this would be my closet (in my dreams...). If I posted a picture of my closet at this moment, it might just scare you to death. It's a mess. It's in no way organized. It's horrible. In my dreams, every piece of clothing will be folded, boxed, labeled, stacked and organized just so. I LOVE to be organized, but then again, who doesn't? I don't need many clothes. I honestly don't WANT many. I would just love to have what's hanging in my closet simple, clean & straightened up! There may always be a project to do around our house like hanging a fixture or getting those paintbrushes ready for color, but I've just realized that the closet is never on the priority list. And it should be. We have a coat closet FULL of coats...for what?? It's May, in the hot & humid South Carolina. I have probably 40 pairs of shoes when I wear... 7. I'm not thrilled to cram new trendy things in my closet anymore. I had my day of platform heels & pencil skirts. Not that I don't love these things, but they're saved in my closet for their own showcase on a special day ;) And no, I'm not comfortable in t-shirts either, I promised myself to never become a mom who let go completely...Believe I'm stuck somewhere in the middle...a place where I'm more happy to organize what I have rather than to keep filling up the space. So that brings me to the project of the week: tackling this chaotic closet of mine. I'm looking at my size 26 & 27 jeans and well, that's about all I'm doing with them. ((They say to patiently take that pregnancy weight off throughout nine months, the amount of time it took to gain. I would call that lazy, but it looks like I'm taking that statement for all it's worth.)) I've only 10 more pounds to drop, which won't happen unless I actually try. That's a story all its own. My love for food, chocolate, it's just too much for me to handle. So back to the topic of organization! Focus, focus, focus.  First on the list I can cross off! Made my donation for the YEAR by cleaning out what I wouldn't wear, what doesn't fit, blah blah. Except for the jeans. I may just have to be realistic, but I'm not throwing in the towel just yet. It's just not fair to have nice clothing if you're not taking care of the things you have now, right?... so that brings me once again to the project of the week... being grateful for what I have by taking special care of my tops, skirts, denim, dresses and my seven pair of shoes.

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  1. you better let me know when you clean it out again! we share clothes around here. don't you know the rules. we just swap em when we get tired of them :)


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