Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Brighter Day.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

   Today was much brighter than yesterday, surely because I was with little Brady J all day long! We were on the go all day today and he was just happy to be. He's finally in bed, but not asleep, his eyes were following me out of the room while he was smiling. What a way to end my day. Still lots of things on my mind but somehow, I swear by the sunshine, I feel much better about it all. I really miss my sister though, but I know she's got her own busy life an hour and a half away. And she's got Josie, her little one ;) 
     I'm not sure how tomorrow is Friday, although I've been begging for the weekend to be here ALL week. No big plans this weekend, which should be so nice! I'm playing "bartender" Saturday night at the LOOM which should be quite the show. I love people (I've learned to love people, I should say) so I'm looking forward to this wedding! 
     Last week I planned to clean out my cluttered closet. I have more reason to now that Gap is taking 30% off your purchase when you bring in clothes you want to rid of :) So no, I still haven't tackled that to-do quite yet. It's more organizing than throwing out...which takes me into another part of the house, the kitchen. Our kitchen cabinets are scary to open. They are in TOTAL need of organization. I bought a new colander today, and I'm excited. It's the small things! Something about the kitchen being full of food, clean and organized, I feel like it sets the house just right. That means cupcakes for Brian and all! (with no icing, that is.)
     So, I'm almost midway in my book now, and enjoying every word so far. Amazing how a book can totally change your perspective on things! I only read in between clients at work and before bed. I can't remember the last time planted myself down to watch tv, and as far as a movie... I did watch a movie while I was pregnant, it was my second trimester and I ate an entire box of Nerds while watching it. So July or August was the last time I've watched a movie! I think it's funny how everyone is so different with everyday things. Like watching a movie... it's not in me to take 2 hours out of my day to look at the tv. But I have clients that tell me that Netflix movies are sent to their playstation!?! Or Wii, or something like that. I have no idea how that all works, I'm perfectly content living simply. (Buying a Nook is even far fetched for me, but I'm considering...) 

      The house is a little cluttered with this and that, bottles need to be washed, diaper bag packed, plants watered, so on and so on. I've got my "mom duties" waiting on me. These days are flying by so fast I can't keep up. July seems so far away, awaiting our vacation to the beach and Brady's first time in the sand :) But I'm not wishing these days away, while even when we have one not so happy day, there are plenty more bright days ahead.

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