Sunday, May 22, 2011

In each of us there is a little of all of us.

   I was home alone last night with the little one, and thankful to wake up this morning with a text from my husband saying he made it home safely. (Although he was staying with a friend, he was back in town!) Before I was married I lived alone. I was never nervous to stay alone, and I would often leave my windows open all night, even though I seemed to live in the really overlook the fact it's probably not safe to leave your windows wide open all night during summer. But the sound of crickets, well, it's perfect background noise for a good night's rest. So when Brian left last night, I chose to be a big girl. I've never thought twice about staying alone but when you have a precious little one, many feelings change dramatically. Everyone woke up happy rested...

   With a wedding party, there's always a little anxiety, while fingers are crossed that everything goes as planned and everyone leaves the salon with a great experience. I had two updo's booked Friday afternoon for a wedding party, and the girls were great. Super personalities, easy going, just ready for a fun-filled night! Friday was a success at work. As soon as I drove home, down our street, I saw Brian talking to our neighbors, which by the way, we are incredibly blessed to have such friendly neighbors! (Especially when they have a smile and a drink waiting for you after a long week!) Friday night, we went out to eat with dad. I thought this was funny, I was with Barry, Brian & Brady. My three favorite boys. Friday night was nice though because we were home early enough. But I knew that night I had to get my rest, because on Saturday morning, we had Open House at Emmanuel's...
    Saturday morning started with a rush rush attitude, but I knew once I ordered anything from Starbucks, the morning would turn around nicely. I pull up in the drive-thru to see a little sign for the new Mocha Coconut frap...yes, my morning turned around juuuuust fine. Next thing I know, my first client is leaving, my blowdryer has finally seen it's last blowout, it's so dead. Next client I was in and out and somehow my morning at work is over and I head home to relieve Angela (who was so sweet to watch Brady!) to spend the afternoon cuddled with him, ahhhhh. Before I knew it, it was time to get things together for my night at the Loom. Bartending ;)

I had TOO much fun! The reception was perfect. The five hours I was working somehow seemed like just an hour. Everyone at this reception was so friendly and it was great to spend a little time with the girls too! (I never really know how much "guy time" I've had until I'm around the ladies...) But the more I work around and with people, the more I grow to enjoy them. People are so interesting. In any kind of business, dealing with people can be whatever you make it to be. They can be a pain or a pleasure, it's all in how you see it. I really love people, because I always feel like I take something from just a small conversation. Always learning. That goes with friendships too, new and old. Taking people for their very best... and while I truly had SUCH a hoopla talking to these wonderful people, I was so ready to grab Brady and head home to bed!...

     There is absolutely nothing that can beat the feeling of a hot shower, soft pj's, a warm bed and a good book...nothing! Brady and I finally made it home, happy and safe. Another weekend flew by, but I've still got today. The whole Sunday! Brady is taking his morning nap and I'm just getting started...of course there's always "the list" but that's put on the back burner today. This is the day for my boys. The Sunday plan is to play :) 

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