Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A yawn is a silent shout.

A yawn is a silent shout.

  Bored! Yes, I was COMPLETELY sick & tired of my long, boring, flat, lifeless, frizzy, damaged hair. I was tired of working up a sweat to get it dry. I was tired of waking up in the morning with ends that felt like straw. I was tired of having long hair because "that's the style now." So this is my "short" hair. Short to me! The length is a little shorter in the back to add a little more to it...  ;)  I've got a color idea in mind to add a little more spunk and funk, but that'll come later...or I may just do it myself, who knows! I'm thrilled to have finally done it. I'm so over long hair, not because it's not beautiful, I think it can be gorgeous, but very few people have the right texture to pull it being one of them. Although God blessed me with lots of wave, it's fine & well, I now have half the hair I did during pregnancy. It's life. I apologize for the ridiculous picture of me, alone in the bathroom, with my camera. I feel like all I needed to make it better is a little cleavage, a hand on my hip and kissy lips!... kidding. 

    So this was my big event of the day! Totally should've taken a before and after, I probably cut 6" or more off the back. I cant wait to go to sleep with a wet head and wake up with messy, fun hair in the morning.You probably wont be taking much from this post, but I was asked to post a picture, so this is it! Be different, don't follow the crowd, do your own thing, and be proud of it too!...Even if it IS as simple as cutting that mop of yours ;)

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  1. Your hair looks great - you're beautiful as always!


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