Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcoming Spring as a Family of Four.

What a beautiful Easter Sunday it turned out to be! Family, laughter, sunshine, happy little babies, and delicious food. (Of course!) 
That's only the beginning to this new spring & summer season I've been looking so forward to !
These days are so special, days that I can't get enough of. I'll always crave hugs and kisses and I'll do anything to see my children smile. I watched excitement wash over Brady J today so much that his little legs couldn't stop jumping and he couldn't catch a breath to say what he was too excited to say. 
He ran as fast as he could searching for eggs and yelling
"HAPPY EASTER!" to anyone who listened.
He was happy and covered in chocolate.
And that to the perfect day!
That's when it becomes clear 
where your heart lies.
It lies with my babies enjoying life as they should, 
as much as they should.
And letting them know, I'm here to enjoy it with them.

The cake turned out just like I hoped! It was delicious and SO easy to make (You know I don't even bother unless it seems simple...) and how fun is this to look at?!

Happy Easter to you all!

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