Wednesday, March 20, 2013


First of all, I'd like to state that I've never paid over $50 for jeans.
And once I became a mother, $50 is a heck of a lot to spend on any type of clothing for myself.
Not that I haven't wanted to, of course.
If you're a mostly thrifty shopper like myself you can find the deals. If you want a deal bad enough, you spot out those special places that hold the treasure.

So here I am, three months after giving birth and I'm stuck.
Stuck in two pair of jeans that I hate to wear and nothing else that I feel comfortable in.
I was headed out the other day with the my little one, who was content enough for me to focus...
I was on the lookout for jeans.
Transitional jeans.
I hate that word. I just want to be there NOW, darn it.
Anyway, I found a deal. I've never bought designer jeans because I refuse to pay the INSANE amount they retail for. The Joe's Jeans above...I just found retail for $165. 
Folks out there who actually pay've lost your mind.
Once I found two pair of amazing jeans for two amazing prices,
 I realized they're also two sizes too small.
Immediately my mind turns into a list of pros and cons for buying the things.
Giving up my Reese's, really. It's almost too much to handle.
But then I remembered, back in the day, when I felt so good in my jeans.
The jeans you love (designer or not) actually fitting you in all the right places.
That was enough incentive to run to the checkout counter and never look back.

(I used to buy inexpensive jeans and have them tailored. If you're at the size you're comfortable at, 
do this. Just do it, you'll feel like a million bucks, I swear. You'll look it too.)

SO here I am with brand new jeans I can't wear and 23 lbs to lose.
I'm ahead of myself compared to my first round losing baby weight, so I know it's all possible.
The only time I'm able to make it to the gym is 5 a.m.
Marcy's is still waking up once during the night, usually about 4 a.m.
Feeling like a complete zombie isn't wonderful, either.
But I know, yes, these are all excuses. I need to suck it up, and jump back in the gym.
Some of you mothers are running marathons...something I can't even wrap my brain around.
I figure the least I could do would be to TRY.
Here I go. 
Two or three sizes to drop.
23 lbs to shed.
2 pair of jeans to squeeze this toosh into.

And I passed up Krispy Kreme. 
That'a girl.

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