Sunday, March 17, 2013

Simple Pleasures.

This morning I promised myself to 
make the most of this Sunday.
The weather was heavenly, and there were no plans to follow.
I spread a blanket out in the yard and
dove into a new book I grabbed while thrifting a while back. 
We played in the sunshine.
Of course, enjoyed bare feet all day.
And even though we still aren't residing on the countryside,
that doesn't hold me back from hanging 
 bed sheets to dry in the back yard.
Maybe an eyesore to the neighbors, but boy oh boy, will we all sleep so good tonight.
(I have dreams of hanging clothes on the line...)
The family ate both lunch and dinner outside together,
and I fried okra for the first time for the boys.
I love life at home.
The most simple things are what we need most.

Brady J brought to me my favorite surprise.

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