Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Mom.

Here's the thing...
It's just bound to happen some night when you're washing your face...You look in the mirror, the only word that
 comes to mind is just too bad to say. 
Where did it come from and who caused it? 
Next thing you know, you're buying a $23 face cream and using it so sparingly in disbelief that that jar has found a home in your bathroom drawer.
I'm not going to say the "W" word because it's just ugly.
...but on the other hand...
Who really cares. Really.

Then there's coffee. I remember mom making a pot every single morning and pouring a cup in the morning rush to school... and always spilling it on the way out the door. Always. I wondered really why is it so necessary to bother with something that tastes so bad? I've learned. 
I'm hooked and I even use the same creamer she does with every cup. 
"Told ya so."

I'm expressing my introduction to motherhood and beyond here.
This life is never boring.
I'm a wife.
I'm a mom.
And I can't imagine being anything else.
Well, maybe a hairstylist.

Here you go mom, after random tears throughout the day, (yes, from myself) 
bottles, diapers, tantrums, laundry, dishes...
I owe it to you...
Thank you for all you always did for Ellie & me.
This is definitely the most exhausting and rewarding job God created. 
You always encouraged us, laughed with us, and never failed us.
And here I am...raising two kids too. 
And drinking the same coffee.

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  1. And what a tremendous privilege it was and is to have you two as MY children, God, nevertheless, is so good. I am honored that you are my daughter~ I love you, and am so very very proud of the wife and mother you have grown to be. I did not deserve it, but am more grateful than you will ever know~


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