Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Days At Home.

 I've got one too big for his britches, 
and another who just wants to be cuddled.
I swear they plan their meltdowns together just to frazzle me.
His shirt is covered in the marker he found. So was the sofa.
She smiles when her brother throws a ball at her, so I know they're going to be 
a hilarious train wreck of a pair in a few years.
Our days at home are so wild and wonderful.
Potty training hasn't really started yet. 
I honestly don't even want to go there.
Marcy Lane is staying awake so much longer during the days!
She's so close to sleeping through the night.
All the chaos, all the mess. The dishes, the laundry, the toys, the diapers, the tantrums...
it becomes so much a part of you that as soon as you step away from it, you want it back so bad it hurts. 
Sounds crazy, I know. 
When you learn to juggle every day life, chores around the house, two babies, work, (oh, yeah!) your marriage PLUS having a social life... someone please tell me what happens when they go off to school. 
Are you bored out of your mind? 
Do I go back to work more often? Do I take up a hobby?!
Our days at home are pretty special.
Two kids taking a nap at the same time is too.

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  1. Sweetest two children on this earth~adorable :)


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