Friday, March 1, 2013

Brady J.

It's been far too long since I've spent an 
afternoon in the sun with Brady J. 
I've missed him so much my heart aches. He's growing and learning and talking like crazy, and I'm scared to death to miss a beat. He loves to hold hands and play with cars. He loves to eat Cuties and beets, omelette's and chocolate milk. 
If you ask him "Where did you learn that?" He says "Jesus." 
He's hilarious, unpredictable, and 
loves everything about life.
He takes care of his little sister in all sorts of ways.
He'll do anything to play outside, and he's started singing a lot lately.
That's my favorite.
He loves to learn, and will carry on a conversation with just about anyone.
The faster time passes, the more I realize that nothing compares to the love between a family.

I always want to remember the silly things like his handsome hands like his daddy's and his amazing eyelashes. 
Oh, those eyelashes.
When I look at Brady, I will never understand all the blessings or why God chose me to to be his mother.
He stole my heart and made life beautiful.

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