Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Thinking Chair.

What a beautiful time of day.
Out of her bedroom you can watch the most peaceful sunset...
I called Brady over tonight to see for himself just how lovely it was.
He's learned a new word lately-
We're blessed.

So I sit in my thinking chair (Marcy's rocking chair) to feed and rock the little one to sleep. This is most calm and quiet time of my entire day. I think. I reflect. I plan. I watch her pretty little face slowly fall to sleep, I hold her tiny fingers and think every night just what a blessed life our family is living. 
Nothing more or less, simply grateful for this life.

My sister is heading home, folks. She's coming home. God's plan never failed her- she's been surrounded by angels since she left this town. "Real world" things are falling into place for her and I couldn't be more thrilled to spend this summer close to my Ellie. We've Skyped, we've emailed, planned summer outings, concerts, all while she's preparing to jump into the "real world" she calls it. 
It's not so bad really, it can be whatever you make it to be. 
With the imagination, creativity & love for life like my sister has,
 I'm sure to say many sunny days lie ahead. 

Seems like every conversation I had today somehow led towards the upcoming summer and our excitement for it. Friends, cookouts,  fun in the water, concerts, just so many things to look forward to!
Spending this summer around people I love, I just can't wait to do. I've also thoroughly surprised myself with the "diet." I should know myself well enough to know I'd never actually follow a diet, so I'm headed in the direction I was meant to follow in the first place. 
Eating clean and exercising.
It's doing me well.
(The simple way always wins.)

I'm spending this weekend with the whole family and looking so forward to it. 
Just to hug my sister and hear all the stories she has to tell. 
My thinking chair held lots for me tonight.
It reminded me just how good it is for me to slow down and take a look at the life I'm living and the beauty
 God creates for me every single day. 
How many days to we stop to enjoy the sunset? 
Or cuddle our babies while they fall asleep? 
I crawled in bed with my Brady too, where I can't help but cry almost every night. 
He holds my hand and sings us to sleep. 

I just don't know who I'd be without these three blessings in my life. 
He shows me He loves me in so many ways.

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