Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Her Two Month Celebration.

First and foremost, all is well and 
we have yet another fantastic story to tell.
I only cried a little, and well, I learned that "rocking" the car will get a baby to sleep.
Long story short, 
I locked my precious two month old in the car.
(Marcy girl, please forgive me.)
It's always a funny story until it happens to you...

She turned two months old today, and this is how we celebrate...
by watching two different locksmiths try and open the same door.
A Volvo is hard to get into, folks. 

I'm still shaken up and it happened four hours ago. 
The little one is just fine and thankfully I had family all around to calm me down. I had no idea that it's possible to reach a breaking point, at which all your body lets you do is laugh
Even though it's no laughing matter...

So, lesson of today is
*keep calm and always have a spare key*

It's my biggest defense towards stress these days. 
Who wants to meet me at the gym?!

Little girl, you're in for quite the adventure.

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