Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time Well Spent.

 My week has been wonderful, in the most wonderful way a mainly rainy, wet week could be. 
Cold, wet days in January have me day dreaming of sunny, warm spring days... so I listened to what my heart told me, and around my house brought a little spring indoors. We finally felt the sunshine, Brady J played outside and soaked up every second. 
A little guy like him just can't stay indoors for an entire week! 
Brian's been working hard around the house while he's been home. He's just the best. He takes such good care of us all, and still finds the time to entertain Brady with building things and playtime. The house is finally looking happier and hopeful for a turning season! I realize it's still January, but ya know, I always look forward to the next season...

  We're finally putting the original windows from my grandparents house to good use in ours, they're too old and perfect not to have around.

I took a day trip to Charlotte last week with my mother and sister-in-law, where we collected lots of "springy" things to bring home. We drove on the coldest, wettest day. We were in search of some sunshine.

I also brought back a new notebook. Like my "home" notebook where our family calendar, meal plans, daily/weekly schedules and holiday planners stay... I found a new one. One that's a little prettier. Like it might have even happier intentions for 2013. 
I've enjoyed being home so much with my family these past few weeks. 
While some stressful moments have definitely made up a portion of these days, we're learning to handle life with two babies as peacemakers. 
We have two Capricorn babies, and as silly as it is believing in your "sign"...
I might need to prepare myself for two very headstrong children.
With two very headstrong parents, I suppose they have no chance.
But the four of us have learned lots about each other in the passing time, 
like the terrible twos have certainly hit home and we have another funny hurdle to jump.

Our days have been filled with happiness and memories that I'll never forget. I've enjoyed cooking more often, and staying up late with Brian. We joke now that we'll never be in bed before midnight again. It's sort of turned into reality. No sleep with two children is no joke.

We also visited Charlotte again yesterday to celebrate Harley Warren's FIRST birthday!
It was so sweet catching up with our dear friends, and always nice to meet new ones. 
Brady had a blast. 

Here we go, beginning a brand new week...
 It seems that every week might get busier and busier from here.
I'm looking forward to being back at work but I sure will miss this precious time spent with my family.

Looks like this may be my blogging style for a while!
Holding my two little monkeys. :)

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  1. I still have a hard time realizing my baby has two babies...You're doing great, and your little family is precious~
    Love you lots!


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