Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project #1- Closet Made Pantry

FIRST... please don't gasp. Or judge. Please. 
It just sort of happened overnight somehow.
Okay, I'm hoping everyone has a hiding place where they stash the junk that doesn't have a home...
because oh my goodness, it was scary opening this closet door. I was so tired of seeing this awful sight. I was even more tired of our kitchen cabinets being stuffed with random food items. And boxes behind boxes and I could never quite see exactly what we had... it was just time to 
organize the spaces between the kitchen and office. Past time.
So between this time yesterday and today, 
this magical thing happened...

This is the same closet...
in a much happier, organized manner.
I 'm not kidding when I say I breathe easier now.
With the help of Lowes, Target, and most importantly, my husband,
we now have a pantry!!!

Brady's snacks are down low for him to grab...

Even his candy.

Of course, I had to check on Pinterest first to grab a tiny bit of inspiration...because I honestly had no idea where to start. The only thing I did know was that I wanted the shelves painted and moulding added. That was easy enough. Beyond that, I used baskets and trays that I already had, added a few new canisters and a utility shelf finished it. I found a blog on Pinterest that made it ridiculously easy for me to start organizing...Check it out here!

Brady is having a ball helping his
 daddy with things around the house. 

While Brian's projects are huge, like building a's been far too long since I've started a project myself. I forgot how much I enjoy these things!
 (And how much I love Lowe's.)
 Project #2 coming soon!

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