Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simple Winter Weekend.

    I feel like I've learned so much in these couple weeks with two children.
Patience is definitely one of those things.
Also, budgeting time is a big one.
But the biggest...
Realizing I'm only 25 years old with two babies.
Ive seen both sides, getting married and starting a family young, or taking advantage of the free time to do as you please. Thankfully, God had a plan for Brian and myself and paired us together to enjoy both of these things.
Although we have far less free time than we did before children, we still make time for the things we enjoy. Children don't have to take up your every waking moment. I'm sure now with two babies, finding that extra free time will be more challenging, but it's possible.
I know these days spent at home seem to pass slowly, but before long they'll become just a blur, just like my first days with Brady J. My tiny little one will be three weeks old next Wednesday, but Monday we're taking her in to be weighed once again. She'll hopefully have reached 6lbs by then! She's eating like crazy but not gaining like the doctor wants, so...the appointments continue.

Today is Saturday, it's warmer than usual, so we'll be making the most of it! I know I'd love some fresh air and a walk. And spring, but that's getting ahead of myself. The four of us being together is sweeter than I ever imagined. The boys are outside and Marcy just finished a we're headed out ourselves.
Enjoy your weekend, folks! 
(And this warmer weather!)

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