Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let the projects begin!

I think I mentioned I was ready for spring.
Since it's not anywhere close to meeting us, and actually the temperature is dropping, 
spring remains indoors at our place.
 And that means we let the projects begin!

I've decided to paint the front door. An actual color. 
We have so many black accents around this house, it's time to brighten up our space! Even the front door.
So while we have just a small amount of time free before I return to work, and we're able to each have a child to ourselves...the projects begin now.
Marcy is sleeping, while I'm ready to tackle a closet. Our hall closet that collects. absolutely. everything. When we're finished, I'll post before and afters, because it's being transformed from "be careful when you open the door" to a simplified, utilized (and hopefully extremely organized) pantry. We've never had one of those! This will be a treasure... ;)
We're storing every kitchen appliance, utensil, and food item in the few cabinets that we have. This means "buy one, get one free" doesn't apply to us, because the free item 
will have no home in our cabinets. 
A pantry will be amazing.

So here we go, I'd love to bring you some great before and afters...but this may take a lot longer than expected. 
It's bad. Real bad. 
Wish me luck, friends!

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