Thursday, January 10, 2013

Those first few weeks.

       Raising a two year old along with a two week old is one of the 
biggest challenges I've yet to face.

Mostly, because of the major lack of sleep. I need my sleep. Along with this, Brady has also decided that 6 am is his new rising hour! I woke up this morning to Brady pulling every wipe out of it's container and rocking Marcy awake. I remember this passing, somewhere around 3 months, when Brady slept soundly through the night and I'd wake a new woman. Not to rush time, but that day will be fantastically celebrated.

   Along with no sleep, of course comes the emotional rollercoaster of hormones, where you even realize you're looney, you cannot stop the tears falling because you accidentally watched the wrong commercial, and then before you know it, you've snapped out of it, and can't believe you even shed a tear in the first place. Having a 

  Because of these major adjustments the first few weeks after bringing baby home, I'm doing all I can to keep my sanity... I might have a bag of M&M's right beside me, too. Brady is napping now, and Marcy has fallen asleep to the lullaby of Melody Gardot and my fingers typing away. I just can't make myself nap while the sun is shining. My mind is at ease when the house is in order. And things are finished. Let me tell you, I would much rather (and Brian too, I'm positive) my mind be at peace and my body lack sleep than the other way around...

  I just let Marcy try formula after 30 minutes of feeding her myself and seeing that she was still hungry. (Another challenge in itself.) Oh, what a beautiful and difficult two weeks we've seen. I refuse to practice three different feeding methods, every two hours, while keeping up with a two year old...I am not a machine. By the beginning of next week, we'll be seeing the doctor again for Marcy's weight gain and a more definite feeding schedule. 

  All challenges aside, focusing on the big picture here, we have two beautiful, healthy children. We have a toddler who loves on his sister every chance he gets. I have a husband who I couldn't make it through life without, and last but not least...
  the sun is shining, and we have a 
spring-like weekend ahead of us to totally enjoy. 
We'll be spending our Saturday in the sunshine.

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  1. This is going to be my life soon. A little scared, but encourged to know you are still hanging in there!

    Sending an extra prayer your way today! These babes are worth every minute of it, aren't they?!?


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