Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Zoo.

His first trip to the Zoo.

         In six more days, my Brady Jameson will be 8 months old. As I somehow express in every post, time flies. With the way time is zooming past us, why not start the adventures early?! Today, he was more interested in his knitted lion we bought from the zoo shop than this beautiful animal you see up here! So, after our trip was over, I decided today may have been a little field trip more for me than Brady. Either way, I was totally intrigued by these amazing creatures. Have a look!  

Yes, we were this close to the Orangutan and yes, I was this close to a heart attack.

Brady and his new lion. 
He was so content outside. 
The screaming monkeys didn't suit him though. 
Maybe next time. ;)
Happy Adventures.


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