Saturday, August 13, 2011

Smell the roses.

          The past week, without looking to see for a fact, I would bet money that a full moon is present. Everyone has been on edge, seems like schedules were thrown out the window and chaos is taking over our lives. I've had this weird migraine/tension headache/mommy's become a monster type pain that I've never experienced before. I'd rather be going through labor pain again if that says anything. I've missed drinks with the girls tonight, which I'm sad about but I need a break tremendously. I was able to have a fun morning out shopping with a friend though, and that's enough to be thankful for! I learned that becoming a mom, I just can't justify spending more money necessary for clothes to hang in my closet. That's my next venture. Will explain later.
     For most people, a vacation is a break from thought, and the craziness of everyday. No agenda, no clock, only time to sit and chill. For me, every single day of my life is crazy! Going to work is a mini-vacation. I schedule appointments with extra time in between clients to pick up, set up, grab lunch, return phone calls...blah blah....but every single minute is planned. THAT, my friends, is how I function best. I'm not the best judge whether that's healthy or not, but it's so true. Being at home tonight with Brian, Brady J, and the pups, I didn't realize how good this is for me. I feel like I'm always missing out on our special time together as a family because there's not a night that goes by without a house full of people. (A tad dramatic)  I LOVE company, but I also love my family being together alone, too.
     So, with my mission to gather schedules and our lists to tackle, I feel like it's long overdue getting our little family back on track! Fall is around the corner, football games, weddings, OCTOBER, and before we know it, we'll have one week until Christmas and not one gift wrapped. Or even purchased, for that matter. Deep breath.

     In two quick months, we have a vacation planned that I'm dreaming about. In October of 2007, we flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for our honeymoon. We rode horses on the beach at sunset, we watched the sun set on a dinner cruise, we partied of course in Cabo Wabo, we visited the same bar everyday for the best fajitas on earth. We shopped, played golf.... And in October, we'll be going back! This time, with friends!! Brian will have Kevin to play golf with all day, and I'll have Allison to shop with and have spa days. Oh my goodness. So, here's to our second honeymoon. Time to ourselves, to catch up and be together for an entire week! Para enamorarse de nuevo. 
   Have yourselves a relaxing, good-for-you kind of weekend. Life may be crazy, but there's always tomorrow. Do something special :)

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