Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our First Weekend of Fall.

In the autumn of life, 
There’s a settling down-
Contentment and sureness in what we do.

      Every season brings a welcomed change where we live. Finally, after what feels like a year of thick humidity, it's time for us all to calm down. It's time to relax and enjoy this wonderful season upon us. Time for change. To me, winter is the comfy season. We treasure big thick blankets, coffee, and time spent by the fire with the family and friends. Spring is magical. Spring brings fresh air, and beauty to everything. The season for windchimes, front porch reading, flowers, and sundresses. Summer brings friends around. Of course, this is great through every other season, but there's something special about summer. Grilling, late night talks and visits with neighbors that brings everyone together. Brady's favorite time of day is around 7 pm when the three of us jump in the golf cart and ride around the neighborhood. This winds him down for bedtime. He loves being outside. My boy. So quickly, fall has arrived and this is such a comfortable but exciting time of year! My birthday is almost here, our FOURTH anniversary is soon after (I'm not old enough for this), an amazing getaway planned with friends, football games and tailgating, and plenty of time spent outside in the crisp air I have waited all year to breathe. This means s'mores and scarves. Ahhhh. And camping! And candy corn! But best of all, this is Brady's very first Halloween, his first time in cozy hoodies, and I can't wait to spend every moment possible sharing my favorite season with my very favorite boy. (Other very favorite, that is.) Fall is here, and I think everyone has been patiently waiting for its arrival. Finally.

At our house, we're welcoming you with a bright Clemson flag 
& a vibrant fall wreath. Give me a month or so, and I'll be baking plenty of goodies to share with ya!

We had a lunch date with our good ol' buddies Heather and Eric Warren. 
They are expecting a little lady to arrive in January. 
We are too excited. 

   I'd say we've had a memorable weekend. Tailgating in Clemson, meeting dear friends for lunch to catch up, and tomorrow, on Labor Day, we're cooking out with the family! (Why every SINGLE event is scheduled around food is beyond me.)  It's the perfect way to wrap up this fun summer and relax ourselves for a much more comfortable season. Many special days coming up and many blessings to be thankful for. Brady Jameson is 8 months old. I never knew I was missing something so incredible until he was born. We've shared snow storms, breezy spring afternoons outside, and suncreen and lemonade. But now it's time to share my most treasured time of year with Brian and Brady! And apple cider, and a birthday cake...

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