Thursday, August 25, 2011

My heart.

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings."

    Last week, while I was running around our house, picking up this, and putting away that, Brady was watching cartoons, and before I knew what hit me, it happened. I was shocked. He repeated a word from television. I mean, it was a simple word, it was precious to hear, and it scared me to death. The pressure's on. 
    Going through everyday life with the people we surround ourselves with, the places we spend our time and the things that we do, all have an incredible effect on children. I've had my own for almost 8 months, and I've learned more than I thought possible. And still learning, every minute. 
    These are the days he's learning the most, he's growing so quickly, and soaking up each and every thing around him. And I have no choice but to be so careful what this precious baby senses. That's my job as a mother. Having conversations around Brady I even catch myself at times with negative tones, or the very worst... yes, we all talk ABOUT others. Good, bad, both. Small statements, quick remarks...this is the very last thing I'd ever want Brady to catch on to. I believe it's my job as a parent to teach Brady to love everyone. Accept everyone. Not to judge. That's a position that no one is entitled to, yet we all claim it. He's more than precious to us, and I want nothing but memories of happiness and positive nourishment to help this little boy grow. I want him to have an open mind to the world, but to be confident and grounded. That's a task for each moment I'm with him. God wouldn't have blessed us with him without first giving us the knowledge to bring him up the in the best way we know how. Everyday, we make choices. Each choice leads us closer to, or farther from the things we want most in life. Trying to stay on track with the chaos that swirls around us. 
   There are things we have the control to change ourselves. God blessed me with a wonderful husband, and he's an incredible father to Brady Jameson. I'm doing what I can to use what God gave me. The insight, the dreams, and this amazing little boy who deserves nothing but the very best that life has to offer. We're learning as we go. 

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