Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The girl of the bunch.

Being the one and only female in the world of wild boys. 

     In 2007, when we were married, I knew for sure my world would change. I've always been a girly girl, loved my shiny jewelry, makeup and HIGH heels, loved my pretty little home filled with beautiful things. My space, all to myself. I liked things my way, on my schedule, on my watch. What girl doesn't?
   Then I was married and realized married couples came in two kinds. The kind where the man calls the shots, and the kind where the woman does. Because sometimes, things are just easier when you're along for the ride. Of course, without writing a book, I'll say that the first year, or even to the fourth, is a learning experience. I can honestly say we've both realized we're here to make the other happy, and in my opinion, that's the least selfish, most successful approach to a marriage. It's difficult, most definitely. 
   And then, come the small things. Decorating a house, for example. 
When Brian wants this...

And I want this...

  No complaints my way, I'm proud to have a man with an opinion. It's ALL about merging the two. Being thankful that he's listening at all to my opinion, dreams, and yes, complaints from time to time. But as I've let him do his thing... I've started to realize that my own house has even become masculine. From flat screens, to hats laying here and there, golf on Sundays, and a garage full of guys most nights. Mugs in the freezer, and ESPN on television. I get the remote to myself maybe once a month, and when I do take bubble baths, I'm hearing the guys laughing from outside. And if you haven't noticed, I have a baby boy. I wouldn't change this for anything in the entire world. It's all about finding the balance and I haven't quite yet. Brian has never been against me shopping or dinner with the girls. He's always supported my rare Friday afternoon massages & the idea of taking Saturdays away from work, for a break. He really is a wonderful husband. So, with all this out, and nearly seven months behind us, I'm here with a very handsome husband with his own hobbies, friends and ideas, precious baby boy surrounded by dumptrucks, baseballs, and toys like tools...and then there's me. The mom, the girly girl, the one who feels like for sure down the road she'll have another baby boy. So I'm preserving my soft side, my lovely and enchanting little world I live in, apart from these wild and crazy boys. Say a prayer, will ya? 

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