Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breakfast & Paint Swatches

"Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."

      Today, like every Tuesday and Thursday was my day "off". I was SO excited to be spending it with Ellie, too, because this meant we had time to catch up. She's got her own busy life an hour and a half away, so it made us happy to spend time with her! AND all the help she offered with Brady! We went to breakfast together (I ordered the healthiest they had to offer...trying.) and she had the morning free...so we drove over to pick out paint swatches for Brady's new room & our new office. After realizing I brought home about 13 paint swatches, I finally picked the perfect color. Just one. I had the other chosen but Brian didn't agree so much. And wouldn't you know, the one I loved the most was called "Grandma's Linen". Old soul. Homebody. And a paint color to match. Anyway, it's beautiful. It's a muted green/gray, it's perfect! As for Brady's room, decisions will come later.
     So, we ran errands while Ellie helped out so much with Brady. To return the favor, I let her crash on my sofa while watching cartoons. Definitely her thing. She napped, Brady napped, the dogs napped. I was wide awake, and felt like superwoman today (with no headache!). What a wonderful feeling to check off to-do's and not have to look at that list. Until tomorrow. Regardless of how busy my days off are, I accomplished lots, and I feel pretty good about it. 
    I missed the Wine Tasting with Angela tonight, which I'm a little bummed about. We have our quirky little things we like to do together! I've got baby showers, a HUGE wedding party I'm working with and fall is seriously around the corner. I'm more than thrilled to deck out in scarves everyday, and dwell in my fall state of mind. More than anything, I'm excited to spend it with Brady J & Brian, outside. I'm in love with the fresh, crisp air in the late months of the year... better not get ahead of myself.
     As for now, Brady fell into a deep sleep early, we missed our evening ride around the neighborhood together (he loves it!) and I still have to make it to the store for 1. Formula and 2. Coffee Creamer. Skinny of course. Very thankful for a happy, and safe day with my sister! 

My next big thing: Digging my way through boxes to find my old jeans in the attic. ALL of them. I'm determined. 


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