Thursday, April 28, 2011

Only dark chocolate can fix this.

     The morning started off well, exceptionally well, given that we were blessed not to see any effects of the storm last night! I woke up exhausted, Brian and I both stayed up watching the weather updates. I was scared to death, hustling around the house bringing in pillows, cushions, even my wreath! I was determined , tornado or no tornado, that wind wasn't taking my things! I woke up to the sound of Brady crying, which is heartbreaking, I love to be there by his crib as he wakes up. (This has happened maybe 5 times.) I rushed in his room and he started smiling when he saw me! Diaper change, bottle made, and I crawled back in bed with the little guy to feed him and let us fall fast asleep together. Except I couldn't sleep, I had to wake up. I worked a little today, which was fine by me! Learned Brady doesn't do well if I'm not waiting with a bottle. He doesn't like to just sit. Hmmm, where in the world did get that THAT trait from? So once we left the salon, he fell asleep. Ran here, ran there, watching him wake up, wiggle in his carseat and whine a little. Once we were headed to that wonderful place called home, I glanced down at my phone, and missed a call. From the groomer. Lilly has been waiting for me to pick her up. FAN-tastic. By this time, Brady is screaming, and I'm trying to push 50mph on Fairview Road, which is impossible, at LUNCHTIME. I pick Lilly up, throw her in the backseat with the screaming little man (I feel like I could lose it at any moment...) and scan in every direction for a policeman because this mama is about to run every stop sign she comes to. I turn into the neighborhood and pull up to the house faster than I should've...Unlock the door, pull B out of his carseat, make a bottle, turn on the Zen music channel, and Brady drifts off to sleep, bottle in his mouth and all.  There is ABSOLUTELY nothing in the entire world more relaxing than walking through the door of your own home. So that's where we're at now. I'm on the computer with a whole BOWL of dark chocolate beside me, after eating pizza (at this point I dont care if I'm eating a stick of butter if it helps me relax). Baby is asleep and I'm finally calm. Brady and I are going to load up the stroller and take a walk around the block in a bit. Ahhhh, fresh air & a happy baby. I wonder how other moms deal with stressful day-to-days like this... most of the time I can brush it off, but today, if I didn't feel so guilty, could've opened up that special bottle of cabernet sauvignon... that happens to be three liters. It's all probably good for you though, I guess days like this teach you to deal. I do believe that we'll be staying home together on our days off from now on! Even with chaos, there's is always a blessing waiting for you somewhere. Today, it was walking through that door and holding my sweet baby while he falls asleep, while I was eyeing that bowl of chocolate. ;) Looking forward to our weekend spending time with friends! Summer is here, it's time to be outside and make FUN plans for the month ahead! Not a thing in the world to stress about...and Brian may not know it, but he sure does make our day when he walks through the door :) He should be home any time now :)

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  1. Morgan,
    I really enjoyed reading about your day. I've seen your blog on FB but I've not taken the time to read it. I will read it in the future as often as I can because you captured my attention and I could relate to your schedule. You are such a great mom and please enjoy you days with Brady because they will allllll be precious when you look back. Proud of you.


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