Sunday, April 17, 2011

Treasures to Me

"Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need."

 Of course, being with my boys is my very favorite way to spend my next favorite is being home. Being home WITH the boys...well it must be a little like heaven. Nothing makes me happier than to spend time swinging on the front porch with my family and friends. Wherever this road leads us to living in the future, we'll always have a front porch to welcome ya! To make things even more wonderful than this 71 degree, sunny day outside, my sweet mother-in-law surprised us with a set of wind chimes. Brian put them in a tree above the hammock. Ahh...spring is here! They may bother everyone else in the neighborhood, and my apologies if so, but they are wonderful to me. Growing up, I always remember the sound of wind chimes in the spring and summer. I'll never forget the hammock right outside our back door under the huge tree that shaded our patio, which always felt cold on our bare feet. I guess Im trying to keep the memory of spring the same in our home as my mom always did growing up. If I could only hang our laundry out to dry :) Nothing in the entire world like going to sleep on clean, crisp sheets. Another little treasure mom always shared. To anyone else this all may seem quirky, but to me, it's spring. To make it a little more enjoyable, all the windows stay open and that smell of fresh air is everywhere. I was sitting on the porch a little while ago and came across in a magazine something that made my heart smile!

"When I was little, my family would go to the flea market and everyone would find that one special treasure, and that was the memory." -Hollie Wood

  Seeing pictures of her home and reading just how she finds all her little treasures is just too fun. She found a pillow in a dumpster while traveling and kept it because it was beautiful. My kind of girl. I used to always run around to thrift stores in town finding little things I couldnt live without. ALWAYS in Charleston, I've gone, and never do I leave empty handed. There were quite a few times where we looked at the piece of furniture we bought, glanced at size of the trunk of the car, and then...called dad. Guess I do have a little hobby, after all. It's not too expensive, actually the trick is to try to spend next to nothing. I haven't actually done this in ages, I suppose it's time. Ellie's coming into town next weekend, we'll have to spend the afternoon doing something special together, like being "junk fairies." There's always something to do around the house, from keeping something sweet in the house to making sure the plants happy, and I love it. With Brady finally here, it makes this time of year much sweeter than ever before. So here's a little glimpse of the few things that make my heart happy. A Sunday afternoon spent barefoot at home is just as much a desire as it is a necessity! Happy Sunday to ya!

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  1. I love it!! & How sweet is that picture! I am so glad your blogging!!


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