Thursday, April 21, 2011

A friend loveth at all times. Proverbs 17:17

A friend loveth at all times. Proverbs 17:17

    A long time ago, a few girls became quite inseperable. They went to school together, learned to drive together, spent most of their time with each other when silly boys weren't involved. It all started when they were young, sleepovers, passing notes in class, more boy drama. The girls didn't wander far from each other. Time passed, and they became teenagers. They were looking forward to graduating highschool, having their dream jobs & living on their own. One friend left town to go to school and she was dearly missed. Three friends stayed behind to pursue their dreams of being three little hairstylists. More time passed, and they grew up quickly, though growing apart just as fast. Diamonds were presented, dates were set and families began to grow. Another friend realized that even though she had made more wonderful friends as she grew, she really missed the group of girls that made her years growing up so happy. Now, years down the road from makeup and boys, we all have husbands and babies. Well, most of us ;) Keeping in touch with one another has been difficult, given our busy lives and our families being our first priorities...
   In just a few days, we've all planned to meet each other for dinner together to catch up. Being that we've not all spoken for a while and not everyone is as close as they used to be, I still plan for our time to be just as enjoyable as it used to be. Maybe as fun as the night we all tried to make Thanksgiving dinner, just maybe ;) We've all chosen different paths over the years, so catching up will be quite the event, Im sure! Cant wait to hear about everyone's life lately, their jobs and what exactly has been going on for the past few years. Although I do talk to a couple friends here and there, I feel like I miss out on so much. I suppose having a baby really does bring out the soft side in ya ;) I've been thinking a lot lately, and although I've said otherwise, I honestly do feel like it's so important to catch up with friends. Even if we're completely different, too much alike, we've argued and haven't said our apologies, or simply forgotten how sweet a friendship can be. There is a sure reason we all became such close friends in the first place.

Looking so forward to a night out with my dearly missed friends!

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  1. This is sweet! :) Hope yall have fun catching up!


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