Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Sunshine

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things --wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."

 Today was the very first day that I've spent with little Brady away from home. I've taken him here and there before but never for the majority of the day. We drove down the street to see Honey before having lunch with a friend :) We had fifteen minutes to kill before lunch so we drove. And drove. I watched in my mirror to see if little eyes were getting sleepy, but they were WIDE awake. He wasn't making a peep. He loves car rides. Finally, after turning in and out of parking lots, his eyes were closed and he was out. For two hours. I knock on wood as I say this, but he is the EASIEST baby. He smiles all day long. Eats all day long, too, but maybe that's why he smiles. Loves  to eat just like mom! Sometimes when I put him down to sleep I walk out of his room and already miss him. Someone told me today that within the next month or so, he'll be reaching for me and he'll recognize his name. He's growing so quickly, but it seems like January 6th was ages ago. 
   Still getting adjusted to his "schedule". This morning he woke up and went back to sleep within an hour and took an incredible morning nap...Not only did I get myself ready, I did a load of laundry...and rearranged the living room. Quietly! And he woke up smiling, just in time to visit Honey :) I fall more in love with him everyday. We shopped a little today, ya know, Mr. Easter Bunny has prepare his visit. And boy, did he stock up. With all the essentials, though, like a book about trucks. Didn't exactly strike me as the sweetest book, but it would make dad smile. As soon as we bring home that little red wagon, he'll be set :) This little boy is going to have the MOST fun childhood, I'll make sure of that. 
   We were sitting on the front porch together this morning and overheard two little boys playing outside together. They were both laughing so hard and having the time of their lives playing in the dirt. I know it wont be long before Brady will be covered in mud and finding bugs, but I just cant wait! Oh, the plans I have for this little boy. One of my favorite memories as a little girl was going camping. I absolutely L O V E D to play outside. I remember fishing with dad and making little forts under trees with my cousins. Even now Brady loves to be outside. We sat out in the sun on Sunday, he stood up in the grass. Something about being outside, he is so content. He loves to take walks around the neighborhood. I have a playlist on my phone for Brady that we listen to when we walk :)  I want to do everything I can to see those sweet smiles. So little B has plenty of plans ahead of him, he just doesn't know it yet. He'll be going camping, hiking, spending summertime at the lake & the beach, and when he's old enough, riding in the old Jeep that we fix up :) With his mom and dad both having Wranglers for their first cars, it's bound to happen. He'll love it too! Brian will teach him how to do anything and everything with a Jeep, he'll teach him how to build things, and somewhere along the line, teach him about how to be a gentleman, just like himself. 
   This little boy has stolen my heart. My little sunshine :)

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